Free Time Causes This Update

•November 5, 2009 • 1 Comment

HELLLOOOOO NURSE! (spoken like a true Animaniac)

Hey there everyone, it is I, Prudz, writing to you after what has seemed like forever. (forever for me, probably not for you… those of you that actually care) I had a whole bunch of free time today between classes since I got out of one class super early due to an exam and my second class was cancelled. This gave me three hours to kill before my next class starts (I’m down to about 20 minutes left! …about damn time!) So the only way I know how to kill time are by surfing the world wide web, and eating food.

Now, here is the part where I turn to a partial rant. While going out for some lunch, and a change of scenery for that matter, I heard something that made me a bit irate. It seems a bit trivial, but here’s the info. After about an hour and a half of staring at a screen, I decided a voyage to the local Wendy’s near campus for some lunch. While sitting in my car eating (sounds pathetic, i know) I was listening to ESPN radio. During one of the commercial breaks, a commercial for a local pet store came on the radio. The store is Pet Supplies Plus. Now, the first time they started aring commercials (last year around Thanksgiving time) they added the owner’s voice in the background saying “Gobble, gobble, gobble” pretending like he was a turkey. The other person in the advertisement was pretending he was a dog complaining that the owner was selling the products for “way too cheap.”

This was cute back when they first did it, because it was close to thanksgiving, and it was pretty funny… because you can tell the owner isn’t really the radio personality type and it sounded awkward. Well… it turns out that they kept that same format for their commercials for every month after that. Every month we were treated to the GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE… even when it was the 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, and now Halloween. And what is worse, they added more annoying background noises by the owner, such as him saying a high pitched “WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE” when talking about the other person complaining about the prices being “way too cheap.” I realize this is what I’m doing “whine whine whine” but it become untolerable after a while…

I guess the old saying goes… “if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.” And I guess the ads are working, since I’m talking about them and giving them more publicity. But for christ’s sake… change it up… PLEASE! Thanks.

Rant session over… class starts soon.

~Prudz out!


In the mood for short stories?

•March 5, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that I have been submitting writings to my friends tumblr. His goal is to write a short story everyday. Check his and my stories out!

Happenings That I Feel Compelled to Talk About

•February 15, 2009 • 2 Comments

Hey there everyone, Happy 14th day of February!

See I’m not a huge fan of this so called holiday… mainly for two reasons 1) it is over commercialization (is that even a word?) to get guys to buy presents for the ladies in their life and 2) if you happen to not have some “significant other” in your life… well then it’s an all around shitty holiday. It mostly builds up on pointing out the fact that you don’t have someone to share this “special day” with.

Fuck that. Thank you media and society for pointing out that yet again for another year I don’t have any sort of girlfriend or relationship. Fuck my life. I know that I still have a full life ahead of me yet, but sometimes I get paranoid that I won’t ever find somebody… you know.. alone “forever.” It’s sad when you can’t even find someone that may be slightly interested in you. Scary thought. Wow, it’s amazing what I’ll write down on a blog that seems kind of personal. Oh well.

Anyway… in other “news” (hardly anything over interesting) I’ve gotten my first tattoo. It’s of the Breaking Ben symbol… or if/when they end up breaking up, it’ll just be a celtic knot. I got my buddy Morris to do it for me. It’s not completely finished, just needs some more shading and background color.. but that was put on hold since his tattooing gun decided to die after he finished the main logo. Oh well.. as long as it wasn’t halfway through the logo itself. So hopefully I’ll be getting it fully finished next week sometime. I’ll end up posting pictures of it when it’s fully finished.

So far this weekend hasn’t really been a social weekend so to say. I’ve spent most of my weekend at work and at the time of writing this, I’ll be spending another 8 & 1/2 hours there tomorrow, giving me a total of 25 & 1/2 hours for the three days of the weekend. I guess I can’t complain too much since it’s my only source of money while I’m still in college.

Alright… now that I’ve gotten all the things that have been kinda bothering me off my chest. I guess I’ll head off to sleep… work at 7am doesn’t really come too slowly. It races up to you and smacks you in the face yelling “WAKE THE HELL UP. TIME TO GO TO THAT HELLHOLE AGAIN!”

“And I’m lookin in the mirror all the time… wondering what she don’t see in me… I’ve been funny, I’ve been cool with the lines… ain’t that the way loves supposted to be?”


Drawing Attention to Yourself Isn’t Always a Good Thing…

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Alright, now right off the bat I can say this this post will probably come across as male minded and almost pig-headed. But I am a guy and just hear me out because probably quite a few of us “narrow minded” men have the same thoughts and beliefs about the “subject” I’m about to rant about.

Ladies, what is the deal with all of these jeans and sweatpants that draw all attention to your ass? Now, like I had mentioned before, I usually don’t tend to have a problem with this because there is nothing with a little something to ogle over. No, my qualm so to say is on a much subtler level.

If you are mostly attractive or good looking yes, I will admit I’m probably checking you out because it’s in my nature… so sue me. The problem that I get is when I begin to look at the people who ar e not drop dead gorgeous. In these cases, most of the time I’m just simply trying to notice the attention drawing aspect of the pants you are wearing. No really. I am.  I may just be looking at the numerous amounts of shiney beads all along the sides and ass region of your jeans, because that’s how they’re designed. I may just be looking at the strange difference of colors that seem to only once again be around the sides and ass section of the jeans. Or maybe, I’m just trying to read whatever little text may be appear across the ass section of your (mostly) sweatpants.

What happens more often than not in these cases is that while I’m trying to observe/read the details of the pants, I get the nasty looks or whatnot from the wearer of the pants because it looks like I’m “checking them out” in front of everyone. This can especially be bad if it happens to be someone who isn’t pretty, cute, good looking, (ok ugly…bring on the hate). It gives them the wrong impression that I’m checking them out and may have an interest in them because I was “admiring” their clothing style. Even with these people may give me looks of disgust and dismay when they may “catch” me during this event. A reason I believe I may be getting these looks is because they don’t think I’m equally cute, handsome, good looking (ugly …see the tables have turned).

Ladies, I will say this. If you are looking to draw attention towards your ass (or chest with really revealing shirts or shirts with text around the breast area) that you must take the good with the bad. Sure, I know that you’re dressing up like that because you’re trying to appeal to the hott guys (assuming they don’t already have a boyfriend). But know this. Most definitely you will get a whole slew of other guys checking you out as well.

These other guys may not be as handsome as the hott guys, or may not even have the courage to strike up a convorsation with you, or be a “nerd” in your eyes; but they are attracted to the same thing. So don’t get mad when you catch a guy that isn’t up to your standards checking you out, or even just tyring to read your damn clothes. You brought this attention upon yourself by choosing those clothes to wear, so just deal with whatever comes your way. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too overly paranoid over the whole subject. What I do know is that I’ll probably continue to do this because it’s in my (and mostly every other guys) nature. So please, no evil eyes or dirty looks… okay?

Well, I guess that felt good to get all of my thoughts out into the open. Time for some survivorman and bed before getting my free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s tomorrow.

Catch ya on the flip side!

~prudz  out

Grocery Sarangeti

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Hey there everyone! My first post back in a while, and I’ve decided to share a little writing that I did for my advanced English class. Right now, we are studying Walt Whitman and our assignment as a reaction to his writings was to come up with a poem of our own imitation Whitman’s style. It could be serious like many of his poems or it could be an exaggeration of what his poetry is like. I chose to go with the later of the choices, exaggerate it as much as I could, about a somewhat silly topic. So for your viewing pleasure I give you my Whitman Imitation entitled “Grocery Sarangeti.”

There stood I with widened eyes,
full of wonder and amazement, for nothing of this nature,
had surely come, in with such great amusement and clarity, to my
wandering eyes.

Row upon row, aisle upon aisle, stack upon stack,
lined up in front of the wary soul for it to see. It seems, through great surprise and bewilderment,
that I have stumbled upon what appears to be a library of food,
shelves and shelves of specified products standing side by side,
arranged like foods together.

Fruits and vegetables mixed in with the nuts, coming straight from the earth,
a variety of meats– chicken, cow, lamb, pig– all taken and displayed,
for our hungry minds to indulge upon. Milk aligned with the cheese, yogurt, eggs–
in such a form that is pleasing to the sights and sounds of everybody. My mind begs,
begs to understand why such a huge and grandeur place is needed to store boggling amounts.
I see the doritos, of all different flavors, bountiful to the tounge, arranged in a row,
I see the pepsi, bottles and boxes and cans, shimmering in the artificial light,
I see the tide, bright red–as if sending us a warning from an unforseen plight,
I see the bounty, roll after roll after roll of light paper to prevent the very messes,
the messes that we tend to create.
My mind, then wanders to and fro, from the present to the past and to the future–
question upon question arises in my delicate mind, each with importance and begging the question of our very existence.

How many people, two hours hence, or many many hours henceforth,
will come into this modern food supply station and gather what they need.
Long has the time of man come where, through the rivers and over thick tracks of forest,
would go off and kill his own meal for the night, now every man and every woman,
setting foot into this place seems to be like an ant, an ant in a colony, not even realizing
realizing their own agony. Wandering around– picking up products that they were told to buy,
from the television, the radio, and the internet.

I long for the time where people will go back to their simplistic, yet barbaric, way of gathering, but alas, I know that there will be none of that in my lifetime– so I bring up a few points for not only the people here and now, but the people that will be here two hours hence, or many many hours henceforth:
Eat On! Grab all of the delicious foods that you like and endulge on your desires!
Drink On! Quench your thirst by grabbing a different variety of waters, sodas, and juices!
Smell On! Go over by the fresh deli and bakery and admire the sinfully sweet smelling goods!
Gaze On! Watch all of these things with anticipation and a sense of hope!
Pay On! You’re not limited to just paying with cash: checks and credit cards are available too!

Just hope that in your buying extravaganza that you will be able to afford all the products of your desire, and that you will not eat yourself into a tired state of being.

What’d you guys think?

~Prudz out.

Dear Blog…

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I’m sorry I haven’t really paid you much attention over these past couple of months. I’ve been busy. And by busy I mean playing video games and working nonstop. You know how it is, I think. Now that I have some “more” free time on my hands (mostly because most/all of my home friends are gone back to their respective colleges) I can actually start paying more attention to you. Don’t quote me on that…

Hopefully spending more time writing random stuff on you,


Amazed By The Small Things

•November 20, 2008 • 1 Comment

Hey there everybody, this post is about one of the smaller things in life that I just am amazed by. I can’t say it’s really anything fascinating, or anything even important (because it really isn’t). I’m coming today to show you a gift card that I recently received for buying my PS3 from target. Now, at first glance this gift card seems a bit bulky and doesn’t really seem to fit the bill of a regular gift card because of it’s size. For Example:

Sorry it's a little blurry!

Sorry it

still a little blurry

still a little blurry

One may think that this thing is way to impracticable to be useful in a wallet to carry around with you. While this may be true, it does have one redeeming quality to which I am amazed…

It lights up!

It lights up!

Lights Out

Lights Out

I know, it’s nothing to really get excited and amazed about, but it satisfies my undiagnosed A.D.D. for a little while 😀