Abortion = Murder?

Ok, while I was driving on good ol’ Interstate 81 Northbound, I happened to glance to the side of an overpass and notice some grafitti on it. In it’s current state it read Abortion is not murder. Ok, in a way I found this amusing…I pictured some pro-life idiot spraying the origional saying “Aborting is murder” message on the wall. Then off to the side of Abortion is it’s clear that someone came out at a later time and put not, to piss off the pro-lifers. You can tell it wasn’t origionally there. Then some angry pro-lifer went back out to cross out the not. Either way it dosen’t matter to me, I don’t get involved in those types of arguments. I look at it this way from my Criminal Justice background…if “Abortion is not murder.” then “Grafitti is not illegal.” If you have an opinion…do something smart about it…not something stupid where noone will give much thought, or credit to the statement or you.   Peace out.


~ by prudz on March 2, 2006.

One Response to “Abortion = Murder?”

  1. I have to say, I enjoy seeing a bit of grafitti. I think sometimes it does a better job at getting me thinking about some things than a big bill board with some douchebag I hardly know smiling at me. I mean, look what it did to you: it inspired a blog article.

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