School Days…

Hrm, I can honestly say I have matured in my dealings and thoughts about schooling. But there is one thing that has stayed with me and probably will for the rest of my college career. That thing would be the good ol’ 2 hour delay or Closing of school. I know that closings don’t really happen unless its like…a blizzard, but a kid can hope can’t he? I can always remember hoping for some sort of delay for high school whenever snow was predicted in the forecast. Maybe it’s just because I’m a freshman, but I can’t help but look at the weather forecast for tomorrow (wintery mix) and hope for a compressed schedule. I know that most people will agree with me and say that they hope for delays or closings, I guess it could be considered a little gift from God or something… but eh…here I sit, hoping and waiting…for a delay…so I don’t have my 8 a.m. class until about 10ish.  Peace out, ~will still be hoping.


~ by prudz on March 2, 2006.

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