Walking Contradiction

Ok…in my previous post you might have remember that I was hoping for the snow to give us a delay or closing (it didn’t by the way), but there was enough for there to be snow and slush on the ground later on in the day. Let me be the first to say, I love snow…if it’s getting my out of doing something….but in the long run I HATE snow. Snow has the capabilities to make driving in it horrible, make you look like an ass by falling if its slippery, and just is the season where it’s colder than Antartica. It’s nice to look at for the first….few hours..maybe even a day or two…but I’ll definately take rain or sunshine anyday. It’s spring break for me in a week…and there might be snow…real spring like…so I sit…looking foreward to summer and warmer weather…peace out.


~ by prudz on March 3, 2006.

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