For your enjoyment we ask you turn off your cell phone…

Ok…where do I begin with this one? I guess it started when we made the decision to go to the movies last night with a bunch of people to go see Failure to Launch. Not a bad movie, but not what I’m about to talk about. Now, it’s common curteousy to turn your cell phones off or on vibrate as not to disturb the other viewers. Me personally I don’t really care if one goes off I just contribute it to an absent mind that forgot to turn it off…like I said, not a big deal to me. One of the girls we were with though, must have either thought her’s would not ring or just forgot to turn it off. It rang, not loud barely lound enough of someone whispering. But a few minutes later it beeped cause it’s a nextel and someone tried to “beep-beep” her. That was a bit louder…but nothing spectacular.

Now, after that I suppose she turned off the cell phone and everything went fine after that. The movie lets out and our party of like 7 people stop outside the bathrooms in case anyone needed to go. So the two girls go in and the driver of the car we took went in too. Now, this is the part where I tell you it was pretty much 12:00 in the morning since we went to the 10:25 showing. Now while we were waiting for our friends to emerge from the theather facilities, my one friend turned to me and said “who’s cell phone went off?” at this point he turned to me and said “I thought it was your’s.” To which I replied “Naw, mine was off. I dunno who’s it was.”

Now the conversation moved to something else and out of nowhere this guy comes over and starts bitching me out. Yelling stuff along the lines of “Was it you’re fucking phone that was goin’ off? What the hell is you’re problem? What the fuck were you thinking?” To which I simply relpied “It wasn’t my cell phone, to each of his questions.” These answers obviously didn’t please him as he said “I don’t care who’s phone it was, people pay good money to see these movies and cell phones shouldn’t be on.”

My other friend came in and just started saying “Hey, calm down. It wasn’t his phone. Just calm down.” So then his girlfriend comes over and had the shit eating “I ratted you out.” Look on her face. The fucking whore. And clung onto his arm and said to him, “Well they were talking about it so I wanted to let you know.” So then he just yelled “They put it right on the screen before the movie, are you fuckin illiterate? You all sat there like 5 little bitches.” Then he decided that was enough and walked out the door. any case like that I probably woulda threw a punch, but…he was quite bigger than me and probably could hurt me more than I could hurt him. Him with all his tough, chin piercings and whatnot. Yeah, he was probably drunk from St. Patty’s Day and decided to pick a fight, over a cell phone ringing. What made matters interesting was that a local DJ “Jumpin’ Jeff Walker” was also in that showing and witnessed the whole thing while he was waiting outside the bathrooms as well. His monday afternoon show could prove to be interesting if he decides to tell this story as he likes to tell them on his show.

Anyway…moral of the story…hell I dunno…even if your cell phone is off during a movie, watch out for drunk bastards cause they like to accuse you of something not even in your control. Peace OUT.


~ by prudz on March 19, 2006.

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