Hooters Air…Bust of the Airlines

Hooters Air announced yesterday that they are grounding all of their planes except for private charters for tour groups and or sports teams. I must say…I'm a bit disappointed..even though I don't really fly. My family never really goes on vacation too much to anywhere that needs air travel, but if I were to travel, I wouldn't mind seeing hott girls wearing short orange shorts and a bust revealing shirt. What can I say…I'm a guy…hormones are kicking in. The owner of Hooters has stated that the "flying industry is in a terrible mess." Hrm..this could be true..but alot of travel is still done through air if it is a large distance. There is a small small glimmer of hope that this airline could start up once again at a later date…but it looks kinda unprobable. For me I hope it does, warning: hormones setting in again, I wouldn't mind looking at some good looking women while I'm flying to my destination.

In Summary: 

Hooters in any form = good

Loss of Hooters in any form = bad 

                                                       p.rudz, out~ 


~ by prudz on March 31, 2006.

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