David Boudreaux: Case of a Sore Loser

David Boudreaux, a youth minister (bad start there haha) was charged with third degree assault in Missouri. Apparantly the story goes like this in case you haven't heard. During a game of dodgeball at Cresant Lake Christian Academy, a student apparantly hit Dave in the head causing his glasses to fall off after the first throw missed. As soon as this happened the kid apologized, but good ol' Dave didn't want anything to do with it. He pushed the kid to the ground and when the kid got back up Dave kicked him in the groin…ouch… Temper Temper there Davey. The kid suffered from whiplash, post-concussion syndrome and blood in his urine. What we have here is a case of a sore loser that is supposted to be one with God. What Would Jesus Do?  Apparantly kick the shit out of a little kid who made a mistake. I'm glad thats not the case in real life…otherwise I'd be kinda screwed…as would most everyone else… "Ate that cookie when you were told not to?" ::BAM…WHACK:: "That'll teach ya…bitch."  I guess what my point is, is that if you are supposted to be a servant of God…you shouldn't really get upset about a ball hitting your face…remember God loves everyone…but he could make an exception for you Dave.


~ by prudz on April 2, 2006.

31 Responses to “David Boudreaux: Case of a Sore Loser”

  1. hahaha! this guy, I GURANTEE you .. voted for “Dubya”

  2. Even though what David did was wrong, God has forgiven him because david asked for forgiveness. So, how could you whoever you may be do any less but forgive him as well. Unless you put yourself above God. God is a merciful God, but he is also just. Ask yourself this question if you believe that God is a good God as to where somebody murdered somebody was never brought to justice should God punish him? What about rapest? What about thieves? What about liers? If you said yes to any of the following. I would ask you this; have you evere told a lie, have you ever stolen, if yes to just these two you are subject to God’s judgement by your own words. So if I were you before I start talking about other peoples business. I would examin my own life before judgement. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9. Maybe you should try reading the Bible sometime.

  3. Ok there Rusty. How could I do any less but forgive him? Ok, he’s a servant of God. And when you take that path, you are expected to refrain from certain behaviors and actions. Sure, if you believe that kicking the crap out of a child over an error is what God wants, then fine, so be it. But if he is merciful, which I’m not doubting, where was his mercy when that kid was feeling Dave’s shoe to the groin? Everyone is entitled to a opinion there Rusty. It’s called free speech. And if God is a good God, why then does he allow all the bad things like this incident to happen in the world? Sure, noone is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, including myself, but I don’t expect things to be absolved with the snap of a finger. I did not chose to be a servant of God because that’s not my style and if anybody does, they should have the abilities to follow that path without straying from that path, as Dave did. I should read the Bible? No thanks. In my eyes he’s guilty as charged. Thanks for your imput Rusty, know that it was appreciated, but I’m in no need for a lecture…I get that enough from my classes.
    P.rudz out

  4. David Boudreaux is a Good Man a nice friend and a Great Youth Pastor and all you press with your fake stories the truth has been stretched so far and Whoever is Writting this Who are you to Judge David Like Rusty Said God died for our sins So when we screw up we can be forgiven… If you can’t Find it in your hearts to forgive David Who can you forgive? If we Can’ t Forgive David for what he did Then Who should we forgive the bible says forgive all…

    Matthew 26:28 This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

    Acts 13:38 “Therefore my brothers, I want you to know through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.

    David asked God for forgiveness he knows what he did was wrong and now he repented from it and If God can forgive him and you Can’t you Must think you are Higher then the God we serve….

    We all Fall into sin ,but the Test isn’t over the Fall it’s How we pick ourseleves up through God and What we do to Repent and ask for forgiveness…

    Now you ask us What would Jesus Do?

    Well i know Jesus wouldn’t spread the lies that you guys have and Jesus would forgive David , because we all are only near mortal we were made to Sin from the day we were born that is how we were designed thats why Christ died for us for our sins.And you all are so quick to Judge David When you don’t know him you all Make this One Sin stand out so far , but what about the sins in your life the average Christian sins atleast a Dozen times if not more thats why we pray for forgivness… Nobody should Judge Nobody in this situation Because We don’t have the right to judge others… “We are Imperfect People who Live in a Imperfect World”

    Doesn’t Matter what you Do to Sin. Sin is Sin is all over the world People Struggle with Lust “everyday” If you Subject to someone by hating them that is a sin, lieing is a sin Swearing is another there are so many sins and the right thing to do is to Repent Now David has Repented and You guys have no right to Judge him about his life and how he lives it does he Judge you everytime you mess up no so give him a break “Hasn’t he suffered enough already?”

  5. Well, I’m no scientist or anything, but I didn’t think God died for our sins. That was Jesus. Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. You’re an idiot. First of all, take the Bible bull shit and send it packing. This douchebag beat the piss out of a kid over a game of dodge ball. This little boy could be scarred for life. And all you can do is defend the asshole who did it? If that’s what your religion teaches you, then you and Rusty need a good beating. Maybe I’ll do it… Oh, and then we can have “God” forgive me for it. Because I’ll know, that as a result, I’m a much better man for how I climb back up.

    And what _would_ Jesus have done? I’m sure he would’ve thrown a left and chose not to kick the boy in his groin. Because even Jesus knows, that’s just not cool.

    Allow Me to write the Way you do Jack. With you Insane capitalizing of Every Other Word and what not. It really takes away from any Real Impact your pathetic bible PumPinG mIghT havE dOne.

    Okay, now that I purged that stupid method of writing from my system, I’ll comment on your “judgement” bullshit. Do I have a right to judge David for kicking the shit out of a kid over a game of dodgeball. Why sure I do! Just like I know it’s wrong to rape little boys, spread outrageous propaganda, and cram your own religion down everyone else’s throats. Get the fuck off your soap box and realize what you’re saying. It’s okay for a man to beat a child because he’s a youth minister and will repent. Well excuse me, but Fuck That, and Fuck You (couldn’t help it, all those random ass capitals still driving me nuts). I don’t want any place in a world where you rhetoric is Truth. In fact, just for you Jack and Rusty; for every time I have a bowel movement, because it will remind me so much of the shit you guys spew from those holes in your face, I’m gonna tear a page of the bible out and wipe my ass with it. Maybe I’ll find a use for that shitty book yet.

  6. Hrm, ok there Jack, I’m not really sure that I remember saying that I hate him for what he has done. I only remember stating that I was upset that he could do such a thing when he chose the path of God and such. And my whole sphiel about “What Would Jesus Do,” that was irony…because he wouldn’t get all bent out of shape and take those course of actions that Dave did chose. I’m not sure where you’re getting your lie rant, but hey, whatever works for you. I took the facts from the story and commented on them, like a blog is supposted to do. I can’t help but smile from your post, because it serves it’s purpose, people to interact and show their opinions. But you defend without answering my questions I have posted in my last comment, and as bo0m has stated, filled in your defense with utter crap. So until I get those answers, and even if I do, I’ll be staying with my opinion, cause it’s mine. Thanks for your imput there Jack, but trying to force your believes and such on me isn’t what I had planned for today. Later!
    P.rudz out.

  7. […] To be honest, religion isn’t even a real subject for me, as I’m still looking for what I think is the truth. My life has sort of been like a trek through the desert. I have certain beliefs now, but I’m staying ever vigilante for that sign of something greater. The whole reason for this post is because of the attention a post on my friend’s blog has received: David Boudreaux: Case of a Sore Loser. In case you haven’t heard, David is a youth minister. During a game of dodgeball, a boy threw a ball and hit him in the head, knocking his glasses to the floor. Like any normal youth minister, David decided it was time to beat the piss out of the kid who threw the ball. Okay, bad move on his part. But that’s not what really pisses me off. The people who left comments on the story are who did: Jack and Rusty. The man was wrong in what he did. No amount of Bible quotations can defend his actions. I have no problems with those that truly believe that he should be forgiven. Just don’t ask me, the writer of any other blog, or the kid who took the beating to either! […]

  8. Okay, Yes David was wrong he definetly didn’t think b4 he acted, matter of fact what he did was incredibly ignorant, now he is going to have to face the consuequences whatever they may be! Prudz and boom guys like you make me laugh! You think you have God, Jesus, religion all figured out, matter of fact you probably think you have your life figured out, shut up, grow up, and when you get a life and quit taking events out of proportion, then actually start blogs that are worth while! It seems to me wastes of good oxygen like you guys really need to get girlfriends, a pet, something, quit harping on old events. Your comments are pathetic (escpecially you boom) As for jack and rusty quit trying to defend david he messed up, now like i said earlier he is going to have to face the consequences. You’re right it is none of our places to hold it over his head though, man if every one held everything i ever done over my head that would be a pretty rough life.
    Everyone: What david did is done and over with, now isn’t it old news, lets get over it and move on. (WOW! boom an intelligent blog using no curse words)
    And one final word for you boom and prudz it seems to me you guys don’t have a faith, maybe your athiests i dunno, I do know this

  9. So young, so angry, damn that rap music. Wow. Joe, you base your argument and comments on mostly stuff that was not said, you assume and you know what they say…when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Trust me, I'm no ass. Not once did I say that I have life figured out or religion. I could say that noone truly does, and if they think they do, they're dead wrong. And it seems my blog is worthwhile if you're commenting, no? Newsflash, I do have friends and a pet and working on a girlfriend thanks, and at the time, the news article was breaking on CNN when I posted the blog. But if it's old news, what made you comment on it, shouldn't you have just let it rested and moved on? Nahh, that'd be too easy. Oh by the way, I'm not an athiest, I'm Catholic not like that matters much, I loosely practice. My, what a lovely run-on sentence you have there Joe. Nice use of Caps Lock there…really makes your statement all the more important. Note, your words are marked and I'll be waiting. I also highly doubt that "Every knee will…." because not everyone believes in that sort of stuff. You critique me for making generalizations, shame you do the same thing. Thanks for your post, but I suggest you take your own adivse, get a girlfriend, a pet, and quit harping on old events. P.rudz out

  10. Wow prudz you seem incredibly stupid. To take all of the information from the media and believe everything that was said. See prudz thats the medias job to twist and shape the story into what will make an interesting story. And that will make ignorant people like you start a blog like this because they have nothing better to do with their life. What David Boudreaux did was wrong and stupid and he should’nt have reacted like that. But your making it out to be something that its not. There were only a few witnesses at the school who did’nt say a word to any media according to the media. So who knows what really happened? David, the witnesses and the 16 year old kid. We don’t so we can’t go passing judgment on something that we know absolutely nothing about. Besides what the media has told us, and was the media there when it happened, I don’t think so prudz. I’m not trying to justify David’s actions in any way because he most definitely should not have reacted in the way that he did. But it does’nt give us the right to condemn a man who has asked to be forgiven from us, the kid and from the most high Jesus Christ. Which leads me to the next point 1 John 1:9 as Mr. Shakelferd said. So you don’t want to read the Bible, thats fine its your life not mine. But as Joe Dungle said mark his words and now mine. You will confess it someday prudz and also lets not forget what the Bible says about blasphemy boom. I

  11. Hrm, I seem incredibly stupid? Learn some grammar Donovan. That way you don’t look stupid yourself. Somone needs to work on their contractions. I have the right to opinions, it’s my “God given right” if you will. Just put yourself in that kid’s situation. Wouldn’t you like to get the story straight so things can go smoothly? Or no? As for marking your words, I choose not. Cause you can’t seem to write good ones for me to mark, let alone finish a comment. “I..” You what? You love to make stupid comments? You’re looking for an argument? You get off to trying to be an ass? I don’t know, but thanks for the comment. Just remember, I don’t agree with any of the things you just said, but I defend to death your right to say them. Oh, and don’t tell me what I will and won’t do, because you sure as hell won’t have anything to do with it.
    p.rudz out

  12. Donovan, (I decided to only respond to Donovan as Dungle doesn’t deserve any sort of response, save this one!)

    Okay, I was a little upset when I wrote that. But you’re still doing what it is I hate most about religion in today’s society: pushing it down our throats. I understand that you want to forgive him and leave his sins up to whatever God it is that he, you, or anyone else believes in. I humbly apologize for such harsh words should have refrained.

    But, you seem to want to attack my character more than proving your point. One sentence left me a little confused due to poor grammar, if you could elaborate I’d appreciate that. “(WOW! boom an intelligent blog using no curse words).” I’m not sure if you meant I should start a blog with no cursing, or that you were surprised my blog contained relatively few? I’m actually concerned as to why you posted at all. If you’re so “above” all this banter, why even get involved, and prove what I’ve been saying about most religious fanatics. Oh, and how Godly of you to suggest I get a girlfriend or pet. I’ll take your advice. Obviously because I decide to occasionally post on site, the exact same thing you’re doing, I have absolutely no other life. How about you get over yourself before you post again.

    And just for the record, if you read my blog post, readily available among the comments (Unfiltered Sarcasm), you would know that I haven’t found all the answers yet. I’m still looking. But I’m sure I won’t find it among others who support the actions and the unquestioned forgiveness of an idiot who is obviously in the wrong.

  13. Oh My!…………….Once again boom, prudz ,you guys never cease to amaze me, I am not going to bother replying to any of your garbage because honestly it seems like you guys keep going in circles, and personally I think my IQ is dropping reading your crap.Ya know this is the first time I have ever blogged or done any of this, but i will admit, it is quite commical to see you guys get all bent out of shape, calm down fellas you are so defensive! prudz, how did you say it, so young, so angry, ha…… And one final note being that you will never hear from me again because I have a life…….I think you guys are starting to get a little out numbered, jack, rusty, donavan and myself. Hey, but it's okay guys, go start another worthless blog and see who will jump on your bandwagon! boom….buddy ….i sincerly hope you find what your looking for! Oh, I'm proud, you didn't curse once in your last blog! prudz……. I think you should become an english teacher, the way you like correcting everybody's grammer,…….. you might actually be good at that,…..then again. Well it's been real and it's been fun. Have a good life fellas, really enjoyed bloggin with ya, ……..what……, no i didn't!
    Joe out
    (oh go ahead and blog back, because we know you got to get the last word in) haha

  14. The way I see it boom is a dude who like fags. Yeah I said you were a dude who likes fags. So do you know what that means boom it means your a gay douchebag.

  15. I’ll say it in simple words that even you Joe can understand. You’re not gonna bother to reply because you can’t come up with anything to back yourself up with. You don’t give any reasons or any statements that have any worth. And to let you know, my blog does just fine with it’s visitors, so I must be doing something right for it to be so “worthless,” got you here didn’t it? I’m not deciding to become an English teacher, but it would look good anywhere if you can read and write with some sense. It’s quite “commical” to watch you get bent out of shape as well over us expressing opinions. It’s a good thing that we won’t be hearing from you again. You start working on your life, cause we know you need one. As always thanks for the comment…no matter how bad it might be.
    prudz over and out
    (oh, isn’t that how its supposted to go, the person who is right gets the last word in?)

  16. “The way I see it boom is a dude who like fags. Yeah I said you were a dude who likes fags. So do you know what that means boom it means your a gay douchebag.”

    Okay, so what if I were gay? I’m glad you posted something relevant to the post. I think Prudz should delete any post with obscene errors in grammar or posts that have nothing to do with the topic. Learn to use a comma James. Other than that, I welcome your attack on my character and lifestyle.

    Thanks, Joe. I only wish you knew how to correctly understand written words. It seems to just not sink in. I’m sorry to see you go, as you will be missed.

  17. Okay guys how about next time we do an article like this.. lets actually know the facts and know the actual story.. just because you hear it on the news doesn't mean its the right story… they hardly ever get anything right anway…. if you knew the man like i do then you wouldn't judge him like this…do me a favor and get your facts straight. Please and thank you 🙂

  18. Well I personally don’t think we all need to be Fighting over this event , because it is over and done with. David can’t change what he did he was wrong and he knows it. But when Push comes to shove of course there are people like you out there always Judging one another and fighting this isn’t what Jesus would Do and I think I know my Biblical Facts Just fine now lets Just drop this story

  19. blah blah blah blah blah blah David blah blah blah blah KICK blah blah blah blah NUTZ blah blah blah….this post is a waste of bandwidth and time.

  20. Facts are straight. I’ve dropped it for some time, but you decide to comment and bring it back up. If it’s a waste of bandwidth and time, why did you bother to stop and comment on it? Not that much of a waste is it? I’ll stop commenting when you stop commenting.

  21. I LOVE DAVID BOUDREAUX. He is proof that Jesus has died to forgive us for what we have done.

  22. this is noteworthy. http://www.arhodeisland.com

  23. Oh where to begin so much ignorence is present on this post…

    I was a former student at Crescent Lake Christian Academy, I attended that school from K-11th grade. I was also a bass player for the youth band which David was the leader of. I was expelled because I spent the night (no sexual interaction was made) with my then girlfriend (now wife). David’s father Mike, who is the head Pastor there, said that there was no way that kids could be left alone for more than an hour before having sex, he said that we were lying when we said we didn’t have sex based upon his “theory”.

    I was raised Christian and still consider myself to be one. But unlike any of the previous “religious” people that were making posts, I don’t try to cram the Bible down anyones throat. For several reasons, one of them being that it does the exact opposite of what you wanted. The other is that it causes everyone who isn’t Christian to think that all Christian’s are arrogant ass-holes, which contrary to popular belief isn’t true.

    CLCA (Crescent Lake Christian Academy) is now closed (my personal opinion is because of David) but prior to it’s closing I still had 2 sisters and 2 cousins that still attended that school. I was told by one of my family members that David did actually beat the crap out of that kid. And actually he “choke slammed” the kid, like they do in WWF. Then the kid got up and David pushed him back down, and then he kicked him in the balls.

    So that’s all I’m going to say.

  24. After reading the aforementioned comments, I will say this:

    If Mr. Boudreaux were a not a minister but a public school teacher and this happened in a public school, I trust that those who went quickly to his defense would gladly state the opposite.

    Keep on telling the truth.

    Remember, Jesus was a liberal, as he died for EVERYONE.

  25. John Morrison!!! Hahaha

  26. john morrison is a loser!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. John you can’t take the whole team!

  28. John you suck at bass!

  29. This is Gregg Rosenboom, Iwould just like to say that I ripped my nutsack. ps I love you Emily!!!!!!!!!!


  31. this is still open? Who’s Rusty Shakelferd, Coleman Taylor and hmm… ? And Zach Wilkins if anyone should have been kicked in the nuts it should have been you! I will gladly oblige.

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