Old Man Winter Can Derelicte My Balls

Alright, spring time is upon us, daylights savings time is in effect, temperatures are getting warmer, and everything is going according to plan……WHAM….then it snows. I'm not talking about a measley little frosting that will sometimes come to ruin your freshly planted spring flowers, no, I'm talking about four to five inches of the fluffy white stuff you adore to see around Christmas time. I mean, granted, most of it did melt during the course of the day, it still created accidents and problems out on the highways. Granted we did get a small taste of warm weather early in January where it reached like 60 here in good ol' Pennsylvania, there is no need for snow to be falling in early April. As far as I'm concerned, winter is done, over, caput, finished. We don't need to be reminded that yes, things like this can happen….cause frankly I'm looking foreward to summer and warmer weather. Of course, this could cause the "end of the world global warming will kill us all" people to go into a frenzy cause of this improbable event happening. I just say that winter, you had your time…and now its time to move on, don't hog all the seasons. If that were the case, I wouldn't mind spring/summer to last throughout the whole year. My hope is that we don't see another snowfall again until December. Ok, rant session over..I'm out.



~ by prudz on April 6, 2006.

One Response to “Old Man Winter Can Derelicte My Balls”

  1. Snow sucks balls, so perhaps Old Man Winter will enjoy the dereliction.

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