Green Beer…More Than Just A Good Time?

Haha, ok. I have to admit even though I wasn’t legally old enough to drink on St. Patty’s Day, I would have loved the chance to at one of the Scranton Bars during the St. Patrick’s Day parade. All the excitement and all of the green beer. Hrm, green beer…now that I’m on the subject…there was a mix up that could be explained by drinking too much of this festive drink. While exploring the internet I have found a hilarious case of a Leprechaun sighting over this past St. Patrick’s Day. It was suppostedly spotted in Mobile, Alabama, and there was actually a news cast that I found on this website: Hrm…after you watch it, you’ll know what I favorite is the amateaur sketch of the leprechaun. Could this be a case of too many drunk off of green beer, or a real life leprechaun? Maybe he’s gone back into hiding cause they’re after his lucky charms? Who knows. My guess is that it’s fake…but it’d be freaking awesome if he were real.
P.rudz out!


~ by prudz on April 12, 2006.

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