Red Sox: Their agony of a 1986 defeat, crystalized through the power of video games.

Ok, first off let me state that I am not a Red Sox fan. I can sympathize with them for not winning until recently, but other than that, I don't care for them. No, I'm not a Yankee's fan either…they can all go to hell. I'm a Braves fan…yeah, I don't wanna hear it…I know I root for the team that decides to make it to the playoffs…and then quit as soon as they get there. A ring ain't important for us, all we want is the little banner that we can hang in our stadium saying we are our divisions winners. Anyway, enough idle chit-chat about nonsense things.

While surfing the internet for random things…yes I have no life, I do admit it. I happened to come across this website entitled 1986 World Series Game Six Re-Enacted in 6-bit Glory On Nintendo's RBI Baseball

Just as the title says, it's a re-inactment of the last inning of game six of the 1986 World Series where the Red Sox lost to the Mets. Now the lasting memory of what could have been (at that time) crystalized through the power, and hilarity, of video games. I give credit for the guy who made this, matching up all the umm video and audio. But as you could think, he's probably not a Sox fan eh? Oh well, neither am I really, I just found that and thought it was hilarious.

for now, this is P.rudz….OUT


~ by prudz on April 19, 2006.

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