Bowties: Fear of Pee-Wee Herman, or Bravado like old James Bond?

Ok, let me first specifiy that there are two kinds of ties that are to exist in the world of dressy (in my mind) long ties, or bow ties. I must first state that I have an extreme dislike towards bow ties. I mean, it's one of the only articles of clothing that can make you look not serious and if not adjusted or put on correctly, like a clown. I mean there are three people that stick in my mind that wear bowties today or well would if still on air and such.

1) Pee-Wee Herman

2) Bill Nye the Science Guy

3) That guy from Crossfire on MSNBC.

Where can I start? I'm not even gonna go with number one, take one look…enough said. But where Bill Nye comes in, I respect all that he has shown me in my little brain on his tv show. But there was always a lingering air of unbelievability cause of that damn bowtie. And as for number three on the list, he just looks like a huge dork. The bow tie has even come down to being described as the "nose ring of the conservative." The bow is not for the timid of heart or the broad of face. The crucial fact is that it must not be too large—the mark of a clown—and it must be hand-tied carelessly. The anal-retentive clip-on look is the sign of a compulsive hand washer or a potential Unabomber. It looks like it might squirt water or suddenly go for a spin.

As for me personally, I am not an avid fan for the bow tie, if I must wear a tie, it'll be the long tie, unless my job or something depended on me wearing a bow tie, even then I might consider looking elsewhere for a new job. I can't put a finger on it, but it just one of those things in life you just love err I mean loathe, out of partially no reason, and partly out of fear. My thing is that I would not have the style and grace as Sean Connery did in the old classic James Bond films. With my luck, people will see me as the next Pee-Wee Herman (it dosen't help I can do the laugh) and wouldn't take me seriously.

In conclusion, bow-ties should be left for the British who can pull it off and not for me. As long as I can I'll wear long neck ties, even if there is a chance of me dunking it into my coffee or tea.

P.rudz, out.


~ by prudz on April 20, 2006.

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