Soda Geysers!

Ok, I was kinda skeptical about this as I surfed the internet. But I came across the faithful AIM Today page when I signed on my screenname. Usually I just go straight to the close button on my browser and that's the end of it. This time was a bit different. I scanned over the main articles and found nothing really to my fancy. So, I then moved to the smaller news articles that are found in the "Quick Hits" section. It was there where I found a article titled, "A Minty Explosion." This, invoking my interest, made me click to find out what it was about.

This led me to a video of a clip from CBS's The Morning Show. It was a small science experiment with good ol' Bill Nye the Science Guy leading the way. It was something simple, explaining how a reaction takes place with two common treats you have used in your lifetime: Mentos and Soda. I figured it was something kind of lame, but thus I underestemated the coolness of Bill Nye. The experiment went like this.

Take a regular 2 liter bottle of any dark diet soda, Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke will work fine. Unscrew the cap of the bottle, but don't take it off just yet. Rig up a system that will allow you to dispense 4-6 Mentos into the bottle in one shot. Like a tube with paper covering the bottom end. Take the cap off and position the awaiting Mentos above the opening of the bottle with the paper ready to be pulled. Once everything is in position, remove the paper and let the Mentos drop into the soda. The result should get you something looking like the eruptions of Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park.

Ok, it might sound a bit dumb and not entertaining, but try it out at a family outing or at a picnic or something, it will provide entertainment if not a good laugh nonetheless. Oh and once the Mentos drop into the soda, be sure you take a few steps back, unless you want to be all sticky afterwards. alright, enough from me, try this for yourself, this is p.rudz…signing out


~ by prudz on April 20, 2006.

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