Volcanoes: Majestic Beauties or Slumbering Beasts.

Alright, this blog comes from a random surfing of CNN.com and a "Top Story" post caught my eye Volcano Prompts State of Emergency Now volcanoes usually grab my interest, cause, c'mon they're volcanoes, they spew lava out and look awesome when they do. So I figured that it might be a good read.

According to the article, the volcano Ubinas in Lima, Peru, has been spitting out ash, smoke and toxic gases for most of the month, alarming thousands of people living in nearby rural areas, killing livestock and polluting water sources. Now, with that in mind you'd probably be saying to yourself, well shit…we better get the hell outta here. I don't wanna chance having a Pompeii incident here in my town. But most of the villagers of the town closest to the volcano were reluctant to leave, until recently forced too. Many were just farmers and such, wanting to stay on their land and raise their livestock, as are their jobs. Now..forgive me, but if I were living next to a volcano, and it was beginning to spew ashes and such into the air, I wouldn't really care what happens to the place, as long as it dosen't happen while I'm there.

Although I must admit, when I first read the article title, I thought it was going to be about Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington. I mean this thing hasn't erupted for I believe about 2,200 years and it isn't really never going to erupt again. It's just that if/when it does, there are a lot of people who have settled in dangerous areas, who have a great chance of being caught in a lahar (ash/mud flow from a volcano that has snow at the top). All I will say is this, volcanoes amuse me, they are a wonder and a force to be reckoned with. It will be interesting to see what happens and to see if Mother Nature will throw us a curve ball with one of these volcanoes. It could end in tragedy, or yet..it might not.

P.rudz over and out.


~ by prudz on April 23, 2006.

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