MTV’s Fear

Ok, I'm kinda going along with the theme of the previous two posts, I know you're probably getting tired of it but…..TOO BAD. Haha, kidding. Come back. Maybe three to four years ago MTV ran a show on their network that I could actually stand watching. This show was entitled "Fear." For those of you that don't really know/heard of the show, it took six of younger people (18-23 years old) who have no relations to each other and take them to a location they've never been before to determine if it's haunted. I know it seems kind of like a stupid show, but really it was interesting. These six people were given "dares" to carry out and complete over three nights I believe. There were no other camera crews, just camera vests they would wear every time they went out. Different locations would have different backgrounds and rumors and the team would go to investigate them, alone, at night.

The show was cancelled unexpectantly during the middle of the second season. There have been rumors that other networks such as the Sci-Fi channel would pick up the series, but as of now, nothing has been presented. Reruns of the show are showing in Canada and the UK, but not here in the States…what…the…hell…

They pulled this gem from their network to make room for celebreality….flava flave….road rules….real world…all shows that, in my opinion, suck. If you have seen this show and agree with me, I urge you to let MTV know that they should bring this show back…to put something..well…good in their lineup you can mail them at

MTV Production and Development
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

or you can sign this online petition to show your support.

Ok, this rant session is over for me. P.rudz over and out…

*Edit, I know that some shows I listed appear on VH1 and not MTV, but they all are the same to me.  


~ by prudz on May 3, 2006.

One Response to “MTV’s Fear”

  1. aw man, i completely disagree. this show was such a bore. the whole show consisted of night vision cameras strapped to the chests of people as they ran around screaming. it was pretty much looking up the noses of random people screaming. meh

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