To Read or Not To Read

Ok, I'm not really an avid reader. In fact, the only time I can remember doing outside reading for fun was back in like 6th grade. Then I was obsessed with the book series Animorphs and Goosebumps. Most of my other reading came in the form of whatever was "mandatory" for high school. I can say that only one book grabbed my attention during any class was The Stranger by Albert Camus. I wouldn't even really read the summer reading books, although I must say the one I did read (Brave New World) wasn't really that bad. 

Recently however (Sunday Night) I recently bought myself The Da Vinci Code. I've only had it for about three days and I'm almost halfway done with it at this point. Bought it in the bargain bin known as Wal-Mart for about five bucks. Most of the book has kept my interest by it's twisting story and great plot. I also wanted to read it since I've heard it was good, plus I want to read it before I see the new movie coming out soon.

I'll give you a full update of my full thoughts about the book when I'm done…back to reading.. wow. haven't said that in FOREVER.

p.rudz out 


~ by prudz on May 4, 2006.

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