The Formal Raping of My Wallet

Alright, I'm coming to terms that sooner or later my wallet is going to take a big hit. I've just come to the realization that if I do get the next gen console of my choice (Playstation 3) I'm going to have to come up with either $499.00 or $599.00 if I want to get my hands on one.

Ok, it does come to my attention that I'm not going to be getting this system as soon as it comes out, because I am indeed a poor college kid. I'm probably going to be waiting for a bit of time to see if it comes down in price. (Haha, yeah thats a good one right?) Anyway, some people can pose this question then, If it's so much, why don't you get a Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii instead? The answer is that I'm kinda a Playstation junky now. It's true that I grew up with Nintendo in the early years of my life, but I've deviated over to the Playstation since the launch of it's first console. So now that I've decided on what console I want (stubbornly at that) it comes down to a bigger question.

Which package deal do I want to attempt to buy? Most of the sane people with some sense would look at the prices and say "Go with the cheaper one Dumbass!" That is what I might do, but the other package has several features that the lower priced Playstation lack. Features such as a bigger harddrive, 802.11 wireless compatability, Sony memory stick compatability, HDMI compatable, and SD/flash cards. I realize that I probably don't have a use for some of those, but it would be nice to have. 

Like I have said before I kinda have a while to choose seeing as I probably won't be attempting to get this until at least a year after it's release. Unless some whim of a miracle comes my way, like winning the lottery, it won't be that fast. The question still remains on what package I'll be getting, but I know that I'll have to start managing/saving my money from here on if I want to attempt to afford one…or I can be a Weis Bitch even more than I am now…

sigh….this is p.rudz, over and out.  


~ by prudz on May 16, 2006.

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