Creepy Old Men, Books, and Dancing Fever!

Alright, the time that I'm currently starting this blog post is 2:47 a.m. EST. Not that any of you really care…but I do. I don't really have a set topic for this post, just some ramblings of stuff from here and there. I guess I'll start out by saying I just got in from the movies. What we saw wasn't important, it's what happened during the drive home that counts. While driving and dropping off some people we were giving rides to, we come to get behind this older Buick. When I say older, I mean like late 80's, early 90's. Anyway, we come to a four way stop, and the car just kinda idles there for a good ten seconds. Mind you it's 2:30 in the morning and noone else is on the road. He's making the same turn we have to make and we decide to get in the lane that he's not to make our travels faster. He's slow going down that short road and takes his time getting into the left turning lane. We speed up and go to the right lane that goes either straight or right. The light at this intersection is red and while sitting at the light we look over to see the driver of the Buick giving us the finger. A guy in is 50's I would say…just staring and flipping us off. Why? Cause of the little speed burst we gave while going to the other lane…since his slow ass was moving like a snail. I tell ya, creepy old men are just what the adjective states….creepy.

I'm proud to announce (and way late at that) that I have finished reading The Da Vinci Code. I actually finished it four days after I got it…and thats kinda a miracle for me since I don't read much. In a way, me telling you this is my way of updating you on my progress as I had promised in my other post about this book. I'll say I was pleased and intrigued by this book and story. This has inspired me to read some of Dan Brown's other works. Like today for example, I went to my "local" Wal-Mart and bought the umm "prequal" to TDVC which is Angels and Demons. I find Dan's works interesting and they grasp my attention, so thats good enough for me. I plan on reading all of his works since I can get them cheap at Wal-Mart for like $5.00-$8.00 for paperback. Funny how I come to not read much at all to reading quite a bit.

Alright, since I do have to be in at work at the evil Weis empire in oh, 8 hours from now…I should be off to bed. But I'm in a dancing mood so I will leave you with a few websites that should spark some interest or make you think "Wow, that guy is a freakin' idiot…he needs to get outside more." The first website brings light on the history of dancing throughout the past few decades. That one should make you at least smile…if not…you have no soul. And this next one I can sit and play with for hours on end…or at least once a day. Let's just say it has something to do with a pipecleaner …other than that my lips are sealed..just know that the larger buttons control the music and the smaller ones controls something else….find out for yourself…

Ok this is enough for me for tonight…time to hit the sack… P.rudz… out like me in dodgeball (i was the fat kid) heh.


~ by prudz on May 21, 2006.

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