A Nerd…or Not A Nerd…that is my question.

Ok folks time for another one of my rousing blogs. (Scarcasm for those 4-10 people that actually do read it.) Recently (last night) I took a trip down the line to Dickson City to do some browsing because boredom had struck me quite hard. I have to be semi-grateful that I decided to do this on a Saturday night, because most stores would have been closed if it were Sunday, since I didn't leave my house until about 8:35 at night. I knew there was no sense in going to the local mall or best buy because they both close at 9:00 everyday except for Sunday.

The question that I had to pose was..where can I go to kill some time and browse around. I had first pulled into Wal-Mart. This was basically out of instinct. Sad? Yes. Any real forms of entertainment around my area are movies, bowling, or browsing around stores. I must say I was shocked at the amount of business Wal-Mart had at 9:00 at night…the parking lot was almost completely full…not too bad for a supercenter eh? After spending a mere fifteen minutes in there I decided to leave because of the volume of other shoppers. Too crowded for my taste. With nothing else to think about I got in my car and made the…2 minute drive over to Target and started walking in there. (Which brings me closer to the point of this blog).

Upon wandering around, I made my way over to the movies and DVD area. While there I noticed that season 3 of ALF had come out on DVD. With little debate I picked up the last copy on the shelf and was soon heading towards the checkout counter. Upon my arrival to the counter the girl that waited on me looked astonished/amused that they even had this out on DVD. That dosen't matter though, I did get a free five dollar gift card, thanks Target! I do, however, own the first two seasons and I plan on buying the fourth and final season when it too comes out on DVD.

My point though is this. I've started to buy strange and different DVD's lately. I'm not really too sure if it's because I think I have a lack of DVD's and want to start a collection…or if I'm just doing something weird and buying these things on impulse because I liked them at one point. I mean first it's ALF, then I bought the whole Back to the Future Trilogy, and I plan on buying the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie Series. I'm not sure if this is just a phase or if I truly hold sentiment for these items. I mean whats next, The Jurassic Park movies or something of that nature? I know its not some kinda weird compulsive thing because there are things that I can pass up on, like the show Dinosaurs on DVD or even Fresh Prince DVD's. Am I losing it? Or are all these things justified in their own ways?

Me? I don't know. I can justify them…and thats all that matters for now. P.rudz, out like Steven Hawking in a dance contest.


~ by prudz on June 5, 2006.

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