What’s Been Happening and Stupid/Annoying People

Okie doke…what’s going on people? I’m back from another slump in blog posting. Nothing too exciting has happened in my life since I last posted. I’m enjoying my summer vacation, working, playing games, and sleeping in until like 1:00pm whenever I can. I’ve been still going strong on my reading kick…which is kind of amazing considering I never read anything except if it was for school…and even that was limited. I’ve finished Choke by Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) and am now currently reading Survivor by him.

My band, formerly known as Shift, is doing well…we have about six to seven origional songs pretty much together and plan on working on more soon. We are looking for a new name because there was a general dislike of that name. So if anyone can think of a serious band name for a Rock/Alternitive group…leave a comment with your suggestions. We just might use yours.

Also I’m looking foreward to some pretty sweet things this month. For example I’m going to see Breaking Benjamin down in Philadelphia and Ozzfest in the Scranton area. Also the second Pirates movie comes out and I am dying to see that. Plus my paid vacation from Weis Markets comes the 23rd through 29th.

It is here where I am going to talk/rant about the later part of my blog title: Stupid/Annoying People.

Now, I get my share of these types of people every day at my job. It usually comes in the form of the former and then some instances of the later. For example: last week. Last week our area was hit hard by nonstop rain. Not as bad as my college home of Bloomsburg, but we did receive a good amout of flooding here in Carbondale. Now with this storm, the phone lines were down at Weis. With this down, essentially everything behind the courtesy desk (bill payments, western union transfers, lottery..etc..) was down because they dial out through the phone lines. We placed signs on the doors when you walked in, on the courtesy desk, on the lottery machine itself, and yet…people still come up to pay bills and get their damn lottery numbers. Then when I tell them that it’s down…they just stare at me and say “You’re kidding…” Listen, why the hell would I pretend that the payments/lotto is down? Just for kicks? Even when I tell them that everything is down…they still stand there and stare…as if I’m still joking and everything will magically work again.

Now, the major suspect of the later (Annoying people) comes usually in the form of Old people. These are the ones that tend to want paper in plastic, complain if an item is cheaper elsewhere, complain if they don’t get their 5% discount, and complain about stupid shit. For example, a old lady calls tonight saying she forgot her potatoes at the store. I said no problem and said I’ll check to see if any were left at the registers. None were, so I tell the lady this and she says that they were reduced in a special cart over in produce and she asks if I could check there to see if there are any more left.

…Ok kinda pushy, but I go and do it nonetheless. Of course there are no other potatoes in the reduced produce cart, just some lettuce and cashews. So I get on the phone and tell her there are none, but she could get a refund since she was coming in tomorrow to get sasuage (useless information that she rambled off before). She then starts to complain by saying that she didn’t want the refund, she wanted those potatoes. Then she demanded that either myself or produce should make her another bag and give it to her for the reduced price she payed at .99 cents. I politely told her that we simply couldn’t do that…they place reduced items out when they are getting close to their expiration date or if a package opens, but the products are still good.

Again, she wasn’t satisified with this answer and says, but I want the potatoes. They were nice and looked fresh, so they could make her another one just by putting some new white, not red, white potatoes in a bag and give them to her the next day. She offered the suggestion of me leaving a note to have them make one up. Not wanting to be on the phone with her anymore…I said sure, and hung up the phone. Of course I had no intention of writing this note, because I know the produce manager wouldn’t go for it and anyone else would just be like “Pffft, yeah ok,” and not make it anyway.

It turns out she calls back again later and a co-worker picks up the phone and says that she was looking for me…at this time..I wanted no part of this call and told him to take it, to say I was busy. So he did and was on the phone for about five minutes. It turns out that she had called to state that she had her damn potatoes at her damn house the whole time.

There are some days when I just want to go back to sleep and not wake up until the next day….today was one of them. Either that or people should not be asses…that would make my day go by much smoother…

anyway…thats enough rambling/venting/raving for me for tonight….I’m headed off to bed awaiting my church’s “Block Party” tomorrow with great food and games. As always, this is P.rudz…over and out!


~ by prudz on July 8, 2006.

One Response to “What’s Been Happening and Stupid/Annoying People”

  1. LMAO! It takes many different kinds of people to make the world turn, huh? đŸ˜€

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