Act on Those Fleeting Needs

Alrighty You blog readers out there. It’s time for a blog about nothingness! YAY! This blog post is pretty much gonna be a recollection of the night I had last night after I got out of work and my imput on some of the details/happenings that occured.

Okie doke, ever get those fleeting needs to go and do something. Yeah, well one of those fleeting needs hit me Friday night. I was in the mood for hot wings….not just any hot wings but wings from Kelly’s Pub and Eatery in Scranton. Now, it turns out that I wasn’t able to go Friday because of low availability amongst my friends, but we did make plans for last night. After I got out of work at 3:00p.m. We’d plan to head out and get some kick ass wings.

That’s how it was supposted to go anyway. It ended up for the most part me waiting about 5 hours before we even set out to get them. I was over my friend Joe’s house and was ready to go around 4:00. It turns out he was playing WoW (World of Warcraft), which didn’t suprize me. I figured he’d be done soon and we can get on with things. WRONG! It turned out he joined some raid group about a half hour earlier and wanted to see it through to almost the end to try and get some items. Yeah, no problem…except that it took close to five hours to do. He wanted to get some items for his character from some of the bosses that they fought, but ended up getting none…So basically it was a waste for him to have went because he didn’t get any items he was hoping for.

Which brings me to say that any game that can deprive a person out of a good chunk of their social life, should be banned…or something. Either that or that person should have some control issues with a game. I mean sure, I can see playing a game for like 6 hours if there is absolutely no one else around, but when people are waiting…then no, it should be like an hour or two…tops.

Anyway besides that the rest of the night was pretty kick ass.

I got my wings, which was a big plus. On the way home Joe decides to pass some gas in the car, and starts laughing when he does. This causes one of the most foul stenches in the car that I’ve ever smelled and causes me and the other passenger to gasp out the windows for air….only thing is…when I do this, since the car is moving, my hat goes flying out onto the main highway of Business Route 6. There was no way that I was going to let that hat go since it was my Braves hat and I had recently purchased it no fewer than 6 months ago. We turned around, pulled into a parking lot that was close to where my hat lay…and I made Joe run out onto the highway and get it. Good thing it was close to 11:00 at night…less traffic.

Then my night was made complete when we decided to go bowling at Idle Hour Lanes. We wanted some sweet “Cosmic Bowling” action where you basically bowl in the dark and music plays while you bowl.

There was this chick there that would wander around, but would come back to close to where we were bowling and just watch…I didn’t really know what to make of this at first…if she was just checking us out ;p or if she served a higher purpose. I didn’t really mind though since she wasn’t fugly or anything…but was kinda strange.  

During the game I encountered a orange pin as the first pin of my set. This means, if you get a strike when this pin is up front you win something…different things for different places…but you win something. Joe and Josh saw this and proceed to start to taunt me by saying “I wouldn’t get it.” or “You suck, nub.”

I’m a pretty decent bowler…but I don’t have too much faith….so I figured they were right and procceded to bowl my shot….and STRIKE! After the strike I raised my hands in the air with the expression “Who’s the man?! Bow down before me!” Joe and Josh couldn’t belive it. The girl I mentioned before came down and asked “What’s your shirt size?” It was then it dawned on me that she was watching over us, and the other bowlers for this event, a strike with the orange pin upfront. Putting an end to not only mine but Josh’s wondering as well. All in all, I got myself a free tee shirt for making that shot…nothing spectacular…but something free nonetheless.

It goes to show, when you wait out, but act on that sudden impluse…something good can come from it.

Ok, maybe that’s a load of bullshit, but still, it was a great night and I got some phatlewtz out of the night. Score one for prudz.

Over and OUT!


~ by prudz on July 18, 2006.

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