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Hey there all, I’m back for another blog session. I’ve kinda been lagging since my last post because, quite frankly, I’ve been extremely busy. My last post was on the 18th, which was a Tuesday. The following Thursday Night, Friday, and Saturday Afternoon were spent in good ol’ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our ultimate goal was to go down there for Friday the 21st to go see Breaking Benjamin in concert at the Electric Factory.

I’ve only been to Philly twice in my life, once for a school trip and another time to see the Flyers kick the Penguins ass in a game of hockey. Anyway, I figured the trip would be a blast and I decided to join in on the event seeing as I bought my ticket a few weeks earlier. Thursday night was a night like no others. Our car, (Sameer, myself and Pimp Louie) gets seperated from the driving pack of the three other cars when we get to Philly on the turnpike. We ventured into the center city on 6th street, while the other stayed on the turnpike and headed for the correct exit. Surprizingly enough, once we found that we were on 6th street…it was quite easy to navigate up to 45th street, where we would be staying. All we had to do was follow the numbers up, even though we took a roundabout way to do it. We still managed to make it to our destination.

Our living “pad” for the next few days was a three story house that one of our friends is renting while he goes to college at USP. Yeah, that’s right, a three story house. Of course it’s just not him…that’d be insane. Anyway, we find that upon arrival, two kegs of Miller Lite (yummy) are there for the roughly 16-20 of us that went. Sweet. Needless to say that I got wasted, plus my buddy brought along his hookah and we took a high ride on that.

Let me just say that, that night was my first night using the Mary J, and with a combination of both that and the Miller, my memory isn’t very too…full of the night’s activities. I remember playing beer pong, chugging some kind of mixed drink someone brought in while I was on the hookah, throwing up twice, and passing out.

An interesting side note though, while I was flying high, the sweat seemed to take forever to slide down my face (since it was so friggin hot in that house). Just a little tid bit of info that seemed unbelievable to me at the time it was happening.

Anyway, onto the main event, Friday night. The night of the concert. Our day starts off at 11:00 with us going to get authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. We stopped at Pat’s “King of Steaks” and got some grub….FAN-TAS-TIC! With lunch down we got back to the house at like 1:30…as Pat’s was all the way down on 9th street, and we got lost along the way. A bunch of us decide to go and stand in line at the Electric Factory at 2:30 so we can be up close when the doors open. Yeah…about 5 hours of standing in line can push someone to the limit of creativity. Huge beatles, and birds fighting over food kept us and some other people in the line entertained.

Ok, 7:30 hits and the concert starts off with Dropping Daylight. I must say they suprized me and I really liked their stuff…so much that I picked up their album. I can’t say so much for Evan’s Blue though. They didn’t really impress me live, and I have no interest to go and check out their album. And of course Breaking Benjamin stole the show as they played some from their two albums and a few off of their new album Phobia, due out August 8th. Highlight of that concert was Ben coming down (since me and my friend JT were up in the front agaist the barricade wall thingy) and giving us a fist pound. Hey, I’m happy, so shut up!

Not too much partying went on for me that night since I was still feeling a little uneasy from the previous night. I must say though on another side note, the Sunoco gas station down the street from where we were had a protective glass covering between the whole cashier area and the customer area. Probably bulletproof, smart idea, but unheard of to me since I live in good ol’ NEPA where shootings and such aren’t as commonplace.

We left Philly Saturday around 2:00 after everyone slept in and got lunch, and I arrived home in time to go to a friends Graduation Party.

Now I’m home here relaxing on vacation until the 29th. Ozzfest is in two days and I can’t wait for that. Updates will come after that.

All tuckered out from Philly and my vacation, this is prudz….OUT~~!!~!~!~


~ by prudz on July 26, 2006.

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