The Strange, The Weird, and the Just Plain Cool

Hello out there internet websurfers and diehard blog readers (probably down to about 2 now) Prudz is back from a blogging vacation. Well ok, it’s not really a blogging vacation, just me being too lazy to come on here and type up a few paragraphs. I guess let me start off by reaccounting the last days of my vacation.

As stated in my previous post, I had taken a trip down to Philly and was taking a week off of vacation after that. It turns out that those few days turned out to be the bulk of my summer pretty much. It consisted of a Breaking Benjamin Concert, a Poison/Cinderella Concert, Ozzfest, a Red Barons baseball game, and two days of playing in my band. Not the most exciting events really, but when they all happen within a 7-10 day period, it can be draining.  I will state that Breaking Benjamin kicked some ass at their concert, Poison really surprized me and put on a great show, and the highlight of Ozzfest for me was Disturbed and System Of A Down, who rocked the joint.

 Anyway….onto the “real” reason I decided to write this blog. I guess it came from the past…2 days and also about…10 minutes ago from when I am writing this. While sitting in my computer chair I was blessed with having the odd yet quite interesting pleasure of having a sneeze and hiccup at the same time. The force from these two factors literately almost knocked the wind out of me. It didn’t quite go that far, but it did manage however to cause a strange occurance. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this event before whether you realize it or not, but when a certain force hits your upper/head area, when you look around you can see these little black spots floating around all over the place. It’s like your watching a bunch of flys that are zooming around out of control. I guess some people might call this “seeing stars,” but I beg to differ. You’re not seeing stars, you’re seeing little black dots….anyway… While in this state of being, I noticed that you’re pretty much void of you’re surroundings, and all you can really concentrate on are those damn dots. It’s kinda like everything is slowed down and you’re just watching it in slow motion…

Ok, if I haven’t lost any readers from this point on I’ll go onto my last point now which is the dreams I’ve been having over the past 2 nights. They’ve either featured me meeting a girl or me “hooking up” with a girl. Now, you’re probably saying… big deal, I have those dreams too…not really uncommon…dweeb. Well yeah, this I know, but I’m saying that it was strange for a few reasons. Both of these dreams featured girls that I’m guessing I made up because their names and apperances don’t seem familiar. Also like I just stated, they were actually named in my dreams. Hell if I can remember the names now, but I know for a fact that after the first one I wanted to search to see if I could find a match on myspace or something… A little cheesy? Yes. But it would give me some closure on where these “people” came from… I mean, I was “introduced” to both of them in both dreams….and I was going to have sex with one =p But of course, I wake up to go to damn work… I usually have strange dreams that make no sense at all…but these had a definate storyline that I could follow and featured these girls.

So I leave you with this, have you ever experienced these black dots or strange dreams like this that you can’t really explain but would like to know more? I know I have (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it =p). But I’m heading off now, hoping that I’ll have another sweet dream like those again tonight…

 Wishing and Waiting here…..prudz…out.  


~ by prudz on August 9, 2006.

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