I’m Not Dead!!

Ok so I’ve been a major slacker and haven’t updated this thing in about a month. I guess I should give you guys some sorta update on what the heck is happening in my life at this time…even though you probably don’t care.

I’m currently in the Fall 06 semister of college here at the good ol’ University of Bloomsburg. I can’t really say that classes are horribly tough, but they’re not a walk in the park either. A bit of good news though, I’ve gotten my first “100” on an exam during my whole college career. Go me.

Anyway nothing too too major has happened to me since I last posted. So there is nothing too huge for me to rant and rave about…well that isn’t really true.. I guess if I wanted to be a whiner, I could whine about marching band. I’m not too sure what happened to change my feel towards it, but I just can’t wait for the season to be over and not join again next year.  My newly found hatred probably stems from the new director. He thinks he’s hip and cool…when he’s not…sorry Dr. H.

In other news, I think I’ve found myself some upper campus housing for next year. For those of you unfamiliar with Bloomsburg’s housing, upper campus is where the apartments are. A fellow band mate is having all of his roommates move out of his apartment by the end of next semister…leaving him looking for five others to room with him.  He didn’t really know who to ask, but his girlfriend suggested me since we have some classes together! Go Amanda!

Nothing else exciting happened to me..(that’d you really care about). I got the last season of ALF on DVD and added some other DVD’s to my collection such as “The Ringer” and “Monty Python and The Holy Grail.” And I found something that AOL offers that is actually very cool. On their AOL video option you can watch/”download” episodes of older shows such as “Welcome Back Kotter” or even “Perfect Strangers”  “….of course not don’t be rediculious!” (Balki is the man)

Alright, time to go play some Slingo online…an addiction…over and out, Prudz!


~ by prudz on September 30, 2006.

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