Class is now in sessio…..AHHHHH….

School days…school days…dear old golden….BANG BANG…..

That was the concept for about four acts across the continent of North America within the past what…three weeks?

The first happened to our neighbors to the North at Dawson College in Montreal Canada. It was reported in that case that one person was pronounced dead and that nineteen others would be injured in that process. Such an event like this was relatively unheard of in Canada, but now can be compared to a “Columbine” type incident.

What really disturbs me is the next three…thats right…three incidents that has happened in the last…oh…week and a half, right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

The first happened Wednesday September 27th in the town of Bailey, Colorado. Apparantly a 53 year-old man walked into Platte Canyon High School, held several females students hostage, and ultimately ended up killing a sixteen year old and himself in the process. 

Another incident happened only two days later on the 29th at Weston High School. This time a 15 year old student attending that high school shot and killed his principal over being disciplined over carrying tobacco and being bullied.

Lastly today the 2nd of October as I sit here and write this blog article… I find that another shooting has come up, in Lancaster Pennsylvania. In this horrible scene a 32 year old truck driver charged into a one room Amish schoolhouse, tied the girls in the room so they couldn’t go and shot them execution style. He let all of the boys go and only a handful of females that were either pregnant or had small children with them go. It has been stated that he did this act out of “revenge” for some sort of act that happened to him over 20 years ago…..

Now, when I look at these..4 incidents together…only one thing can come into my mind. Unrest. What bothers me is that in a 4-5 week period, all of these scenes occur. For me personally, the first three were shocking, but I must admit I kinda shook them off since they wern’t that close. The last one however, shook me, actually giving me something to think/”fear” about. I am a resident of Pennsylvania going to a University that isn’t all that far away from Lancaster itself. I must say that I do not know what to think about all these events now…questions like “Am I going to be safe?”  “Nothing is going to happen to me is it?” come rushing to my head.  Normally I would just shake off these questions as, of course I’m safe, there’s nothing to worry about. I however can’t say the exact same things now. You never know if/when something like this might occur where a crazed adult, or even student for that matter, decides to take out his/her pent up anger and let it loose on the public. I don’t know what I can do to help prevent something like this….probably nothing…and I should probably just shrug it off as freak occurances that could never happen here….but as the saying goes….”Never Say Never”….

More information about the Lancaster Incident can be found here.

R.I.P. to all the innocent victims in these accounts of dispicable acts…Prudz over and out.


~ by prudz on October 3, 2006.

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