Go grab some popcorn, it’s movie time!

Hey there everyone, Prudz here feeling in a blogging mood. Today’s blog will encompass my growing…passion I guess you could call it, for buying movies.

As of recently (as in the past 6 months) I have gotten into the mind set that I don’t own any movies/dvd’s of my own except for a choice one or two. And so I figured that I would go and solve that problem, by purchasing a few classic titles such as Boondock Saints, Fight Club and Forrest Gump just to name a few. That seems harmless enough dosen’t it? Now it’s become a fleeting urge for me to just take a wander around the movie sections in any given store to browse and see if anything sparks my interst. This usually turns out to be kinda bad, since I usually end up buying some sort of dvd. I guess you could call it a lack of self control, but I like to see it as expanding my collection.

It’s always fun to take a walk around your local walmart/target type store and check out their movie section because you can usually find some dvd’s that are pretty cheap. I’m talking about $7.50+tax cheap. For instance I bought the movie The Ninth Gate at Target for that price. Also it can pay to take a walk around any local EB games or GameStop stores to take a look at their used dvds. I know some people tend not to buy used dvds because of the fear they might not work because of scratches and such. I don’t mind buying used at these locations because they ususally don’t take any such movie that has an enormous amount of scratches, because they’ll check to make sure the dvd works. Also at these types of places you can usually find some titles that you might forgotten about. These places usually have some sort of deal going on where you can get some dvd’s for 3 for $20.00 or 3 for $30.00 depending on their individual price.

But seriously, I think I might be addicted, in the past two weeks I have bought four dvds: National Treasure, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and Snatch. I’m also starting to venture into buying tv series on dvd, which could start costing me a bit more money. As of now, I only have the entire 4 season set of ALF on dvd (nerdy, yes I know). But I also wouldn’t mind getting the Pee Wee’s Playhouse dvd’s and the SciFi channel’s Ghost Hunters on dvd.

I guess I’m probably going to keep adding to my collection little by little, when the prices are low or they’re used. Well, time to go and watch one of my new movies. This is Prudz, over and out~~


~ by prudz on October 16, 2006.

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