Wonder Classes

While talking on the phone with my good friend Kristin over the past few days, we both came to the assumption that we will probably need to withdraw from a class this semister. This topic got us to talking about what kind of classes would be awesome to teach/take at any type of university.

While talking I came up with like a Video Game 101 class, where all you would need to do in order to pass the class is play video games. I mean I think that this concept would be great. I would have a ball if I were the teacher of that class. I’m not too sure about the initial layouts of the course, I guess a simple intro class would be just a couple samplings from the different types of game systems such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Dreamcast, Playstation, N64, PS2, Xbox…etc. Even the older game systems such as Atari and such. You would be graded in your performance in different video games. Take Super Mario Brothers for example, levels 1 completed would get you a D, levels 1-3 would get you a C, levels 1-7 would get you a B and up to the last few levels would get you in the A range…or something to that effect.

You can then have  different breakdowns such as one just committed to Nintendo, one just commited to Xbox, and another just commited to Playstation/PS2. Instead of writing a long paper of the course of the semister, you can give them a RPG such as a Final Fantasy and have them beat that within the semister. You could be graded by handing in your memory cards, and even have progress updates by these checks. And it would be semi-easy to find if anyone copies their files from one memory card to another. Just be like “if I see the same names/items/setups on memory cards, both students will fail the project as a whole.”

I think it’d be awesome, people would be trying to fail the class so they could take it again, cause that’s how much it would rock….but alas, I should just keep dreaming because unless I go to a like game developing school…that is not in my future.

So here I sit, hoping and dreaming, this is Prudz…over and out!


~ by prudz on October 20, 2006.

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