It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello all welcome back to another exciting post on good ol’ Prudz’s blog. Ok, well it’s probably not that exciting to you, but hey…if you’re here reading this, I’m grateful. Anyway, this blog that I’m typing now is basically a gateway for me to express the concerns that have occured recently to me.

It is only November 13th as I sit here and type this blog, and yet…I’m already getting into the swing of good ol’ Christmas.  I’ve decorated my dorm window with the multi-colored christmas lights (yeah, I’m too cheap/lazy to get those blue/white ones and make them look like icicles.) and I’ve began to listen to a bit more of the holiday music. Next I’ll probably find myself saying that I wouldn’t mind seeing some snow. (At that point I would probably have to kill myself.) While snow can be nice to look at and all…it gets old after the first day or two, then it usually becomes a problem for driving and such.

Anyway, my growing concern is that after Halloween…my first thought of holidays afterwards jump straight to Christmas, overlooking poor Thanksgiving. I mean I’m grateful for any holiday that gives me time off of school =D but I tend to want to start celebrating the holidays sooner rather than later in the month when it should be celebrated.

Anyway, I digress…this time of the year is also good for football, espically college football. My team is a Division II college, so we don’t play any of the big teams. Anyway, our team finished off it’s regular season with a record of 10-1. Not too shabby. We’ll have a first round bye in the divisional playoffs before we go and have a chance at making it to the national Division II championships.  I shouldn’t have high expectations, but I do, only to know that they will probably be dashed by some team we should beat easily.

Well I’ll leave you with this…only 42 more shopping days left until Christmas =p …this is Prudz…over and out~~


~ by prudz on November 14, 2006.

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