Dream Log 2

Ok folks, here we go, onto another dream. Let me just say that this is a rare occurance. A two night in a row that I can actually remember. This one is weird, just as they always are. So without further ado….

The setting is around my hometown. What happens is it starts off with me meeting with the Ghost Hunters, just like a meet and greet. I get the standard pictures and autographs…and then we get to talking. They start talking about some of the cases that they shot but didn’t show on air because they felt it wasn’t really significant to show. They get to talking about where some of those cases were and it turns out that one of them was done right in my hometown, up the road parallel from mine.

Of course I’m amazed telling them thats my hometown, so they let me see the footage. From what I can see it’s just on the homeowner trying to give the ghost hunters proof of the paranormal. His attempt are very poor however. (Placing a solar system stencil thing over a flashlight, shining that stencil on the wall to show the stars and planets and going “OOOOOOh look, it’s paranormal! Look Look!”

I tell them that there are more places around where I live that are haunted and that we should check them out. They agree and we go off to hunt some ghosts : – )  It’s now night time and we’re standing outside of an abandoned home and I’m relaying some of the stories about the place. We decide to go in and climb up some stairs and up to a door. We all step through the door to find it’s like an outdoor type garden quad area.

At this point we deicde to split up and try to hunt for the spooks. I’m investigating with Steve and we think we notice something moving, so we run towards it. This object is moving quickly to a door on the other side of the quad room. The others must have seen it too because they ran over too. We all go through the door and come into a hallway with like six doors.

Now, it turns into something you’d see in cartoons, go in one door, out another, in one, out another. This goes on until we find out the clues to go onto the next level of doors like this. Before we figure out the next level of doors I wake up.

Kinda a disappointing way to end a dream, but hey…what can you do.

Interesting dream.

Kinda cool.



~ by prudz on November 21, 2006.

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