Dream Log

Alright there readers, this is my newest decision on what to add to my blog. Whenever I can I’ll be posting dreams on here that I can remember. It turns out that most people have many dreams during the night but don’t remember any of them…that could be the case with me, but it seems that I rarely dream. When I do dream however they are usually full of detail and some of the most strangest things I’ve ever..uhh dreamt (is that even a word?) This will be part one of an innumerable series about dreams that I’ll have and that I’ll share with you….so without further ado.

I’d first like to point out these stories will pick up from when I can first remember, and end obviously where I forget/wake up. So if any of the starting events sound a little strange…it could be, since it’s probably in the middle…as this one is.

Alright, the setting is an industralized version of the town and University of Bloomsburg. All throughout the campus there are workshops and smokestacks bellowing out smoke. Also it is winter time outside.

I start off by walking into a workshop and putting two bags of groceries on the table containing cereal and some other items. It turns out I’m in the lab of the Mythbusters (television show on Discovery Channel). Apparantly I’m a mythbuster in training. Adam looks at me and asks where is the van containing all of the parts that they needed. It was one part but a lot in quantity. I respond to him that I didn’t even know what the heck that part was, let alone where the van was that they were in. A little disappointed he tells three assistants also in the workshop to put the groceries away and to get the van.

One assistant goes to get the van while the other two put the groceries away, while mumbling and giving me a dirty look saying something to the effect “We’ve been here longer, why the heck do we have to do this stuff.”

{Cut to a later scene that involves me helping Jamie in another room}

The parts have been brought in and we need to prepare them. So, Jamie is holding the parts out one at a time and I have to scoop out this clay type filling in the center with an ice cream scooper thing. I’m not really doing this job fast or anything, taking my time looking out the window. At this point, when looking out the window, I notice some people running up  a snow covered hill, exercising. I notice that one is a friend of mine who is heavier a.k.a. fat, and had to chuckle. One of her catch phrases is “fat people don’t do hills.” As I chuckle, I state this quote, then look back to my job.

Jamie isn’t really too happy that I’m not really focused. He sets me aside and says. “Ok, I think Adam and I have been lenient about your actions. I’m not really angry, just disappointed that you’re not focused on these tasks we give you. So here’s what we’re gonna do.” (Grabs scooper with clay inside from my hand.) “It’s like we’re gonna give you a new slate to start over.” (Cleans out the clay to show parallelism.)

At this point I guess I’m ashamed that I’m not living up to par, so I run away from the workshop, in a slush/snow storm…and I’m wearing shorts…in the cold. As I’m passing a hoagie shop I see this man and I can hear him say as I go by “Poor kid, he was only a mythbuster in training, I hate to see him go like that.” I run by that and run into a classroom building and into an empty classroom. At this point I look out the window to a beautiful scene of Sunset of an industralized town with smoke going into the air and people bustling about on the ground.

End dream.

End blog.



~ by prudz on November 21, 2006.

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