Late Night Randomness

Alright, well I said that I’d probably not write another post in a while…but I guess I lied. I’m somewhat delayed in writing this blog, but the following day after I had wrote my last blog, I get this phone call before I ventured off to class. It’s from my buddy “bo0m”  which was a total suprize. He is calling from a Wal-Mart down in the state college area, standing in line for a Nintendo Wii. He tells me that he’s been there since 11 o’clock (I got the call around 3:10). During our brief talk he mentions that I should come down and wait with him. I figure he is mostly joking, but it dosen’t seem out of the question since I didn’t have class until 2 p.m. the next day.

I decided that after I got out of class..and then work later on at 10 o’clock, I would get my car and make the travel to State College to wait in line with him. Now, from first hand experience I must say that it wasn’t too bad. Although I wasn’t there since 11 a.m. It was a good chance to just chill and meet some people that you normally wouldn’t give two thoughts about otherwise if you see them in a store.  I must say that I’m grateful that we didn’t have to wait outside since it was definately below freezing, we got to stay in the Lawn and Garden part of this Wal-Mart.

I had one overall complaint throughout the whole night. I’m guessing it was the night assistant manager and her little lacky, but they would come in every once in a while to check up on us. This is understandable because we are in their store just waiting, they want to make sure we’re not out of control and destroying stuff. It was clear that she was not the actual manager on that night since she did bring him in with her on several occasions. My gripe is with how rude she acted towards us, well the people waiting for Wiis. (I don’t really count myself as one of those people since I didn’t purchase a Wii)

She just had a cocky type of attitude all throughout the night. She would come in always with her little lacky or both the lacky and the manager. Each time she would say something just loud enough, that if you were trying to listen, you’d hear it, but not loud enough that it’s addressing the whole line. At one point we had overheard her saying to the manager “Hrm, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I should just go get a Wii from the back, taunt them with it, and then take it back to the back.”  The fact that this idea came to her head was astonishing. In her business, it’s all about customer service, if you don’t have that…don’t expect to do that good of business.

She came back later in the night while most people were trying to get any amounts of sleep or they’re just zoning out, staring off into space. For some reason she’s carrying a cup of ice shavings with her..probably to put some sort of soda in. At one point she inspects to see if anything is damaged…then proceeds to say to her lacky “I should just take this ice and throw it on some of them…” and then turns to the manager and says “What time should we give them their wake up call? I want this place all neat and tidy by 6:30 a.m.” At this point it was close to 5:45. Not even more than 5 minutes later, the sounds of rushing cars go by the outside of where we were lined up. All that is audible is the sound of car horns going off in rapid succession. It was two cars and they were laying down on the horn as best as they could.

Everyone knew it was them, they just didn’t know why they had to be such bitches about the whole thing. If I were the people that camped out and purchased a Wii, I’d call and complain about the poor customer service that they were shown.

Other than the fact that we had to deal with this uber-bitch, the night went pretty well. I had fun and bonded with some cool people.

Alright time for me to watch some Forrest Gump. Remember to cheer for the Huskies…which will play in less than 7 hours. If they win I go to Alabama….I doubt they’ll win, but I have my hopes right?

Until next time, this is Prudz, over and out!


~ by prudz on December 11, 2006.

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