Dream Log 3

Hey there everybody! Long time no see. I guess my first order of business is to wish everyone a very belated Happy New Year. I guess I just really haven’t had the urge…or good experiences to share with you guys. BUT that ends NOW! Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes of this barren blog page and come again to write anew!   …Alright, so that was a tad on the “corny” side…deal with it.

This is my third installment of my ongoing series of dreams that I try to remember after I wake up and pass on to you. Before I begin I would like to point out two little side notes. First and foremost, I know that there was probably something that occured before the events that I’m going to be starting off with..what that may be eludes me at the moment. Secondly, most of this dream takes place in the area of where I live. So my descriptions might not seem too complete. It’s just that it would be hard to explain these things without someone experiencing how these buildings are actually layed out. So…without further delay….

Fade In. The dream starts off (from where I remember) in Peebles Plaza in Carbondale, PA. I remember walking from the Weis store towards the parking lot. All of a sudden my friend Kevin pulls up and offers to give me a ride. I gladly accept the ride and get into the car. Upon entering the car his mother pulls up in her car next to us saying “Kevin what are you doing, you know you have to go back to State College soon.” He replies “Yeah, I know, don’t worry about it…I’ll go when I get there…” She dosen’t really seem too pleased with that answer and drives off.

I get this strange feeling as I’m sitting in Kevin’s car. It’s almost as if I were high just by sitting in the car. What was strange about it though was that it felt so real and that I had an uneasy feeling that I could undoubtly feel even though I was sleeping. So we drive towards the exit of the plaza for him to drive me to my house. Now in order for us to reach the exit, he must travel around the Burger King that is in the plaza…however the BK is not in it’s normal place. The layout seems to be that of how the Pier 1 store in Dickson City is layed out.

We make it out of the plaza and start heading through the streets. Once we get onto Main Street, the rest of the street gets blocked off by the fencing that you would see in the castles of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.. you know..the ones that you can climb and turn around to the other side on. At this point we’re out of the car for some reason and everyone is kinda confused as to why that section is blocked off. I can see a girl is noticably worried but I say to her “No need to worry…just go around…” At that point Kevin and myself are prompted to run to where our car had been parallel parked on the detour street…kinda smashed in between two cars.

I comment to Kevin about what a wonderful job he did on parallel parking and we continue on our way. It gets strange again because once again we’re out of the car a tad bit later and walking through the streets of Carbondale. We go into a shop (one that does not exist currently) just to pass through. While in this shop, I stop to take a look at their Novel Tee shirt section. I come across one that I really like and discover that they have one left in my size. I pull out my wallet only to find I don’t have enough money to buy the shirt. At this point I become really irate and start yelling in the store. I say “They never stock up on the larger sizes! I guess I’m just gonna have to hide this one down here!” I proceed to take the shirt and hide it under some other shirts on the bottom rack of the display. I just kind of glare at the cashier as I’m walking out as if she’s trying to plan some sort of conspiracy against me.

Fade Out.

Weird…yes…I know…but still quite neat and interesting to experience…

This is Prudz back in the new year…signing out!~~


~ by prudz on January 25, 2007.

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