Dream Log 4

Alrighty there guys Prudz here again with another dream that will be coming your way! I know that you really probably don’t care, but hey…it gives me something to do and gives me an outlet to write down my dreams so I won’t forget them. This particular dream came while I am staying down at my buddy’s place at Penn State – State College.

Anyway…here we go. The setting of this dream is at my College at Bloomsburg. For some reason I am residing in two places. I have my normal dorm room and I have my own apartment type of thing. I think the later was influenced by my stay here since the layout of the appartment seemed kinda similar to this apartment layout. I am in my dorm room and I hear this knocking at my door. It is my one friend we’ll call…Raquell. Now she comes to me with a problem and says that she needs a place to stay for the night. I ask why and she mentions something about her roommate. Probably that her roomie’s boyfriend is here and wanted to give them adequate space to…”get it on.” I say that I’ll be going up to my apartment later so she could swing by then.

Cut to that later. I’m just chilling in the apartment and I hear this knocking at the door again.. I kinda figure it was Raquell, so I just open the door. It turns out not to be Raquell…but a girl we’ll call “Babs.” Babs just walks in and is like “Hey, whats up.” She is carrying small luggage with her and it looks like she’s uninvitedly staying here as well. Then the time does come where Raquell does come over with a friend. So they come in and find a space to settle. At this point I feel kinda guilty…cause my current roommate (in real life) comes in and finds like three other people in the apartment. It dosen’t look like he minds so we are just kinda chilling and talking in the apartment.

Once again there is a knocking at the door…this time it is a girl named Kim…who is amazingly good looking. We get to talking and she mentions that she’s hungry and wants to get some food at McDonalds. She asks if I would like to come along with her. I say sure and we’re on the way. We order/eat our food and what looks to be still in the car parked. It starts getting a little romantic as she wants to be cuddled/held in “someone’s” arms. That someone, being me since I was the only one there. So she slides over and is sitting on my lap leaning her left side into me. Now, at this point she is noticable like…shaking…as if she is nervous. It was strange because even though it was a dream I could feel the “violent” shaking as if it were really happening. She then begins to talk and proposes a question to me. She starts off by saying..”Now this is still kinda nerve wracking to me. I mean I’m about to ask this and I’m not really sure how you’re going to respond. So I’m just going to come out and say it.” At this point she straddles me so she’s facing me face to face and puts her hands on my cheeks to get me to look at nothing but her. Then she asks..”Will you go to the “prom” with me?” Now…I find this strange because she’s a sophmore in college like myself…but I don’t question her and nod yes…

We make a trip back to the dorm room and I mention what does she want to do and she says “Well we can always go to McDonalds.” I laugh and state that we were just there. So we head back to the apartment where a whole slew of people have came up to stay. Next thing I know it’s late night and we’re waiting for this girl’s husband (who is a cop) come home. So we’re sitting around just chatting and bullshitting around. I decide to take a walk to see if I am able to see him coming. It’s about 2:00 in the morning and it’s all snowy outside. Like a rural winter wonderland. While walking down the street I see this white Bronco swerve all along the roads and pull up into the driveway where we were staying.

It gets a tad bit strange as the wife..seems to be mad at the husband and gets into the Bronco and starts driving around the house, destroying fencing and stuff. She finally stops and a few cop buddies get out and hit him with a water balloon filled with beer. He seemed prepared for this and hit them with regular water balloons. They all laugh and we go back inside.

And…end dream. Haha…I know…strange…yet awesome dream…Woo, that was kinda a lot to type…so I’m not gonna waste any more time by saying I’m out.



~ by prudz on January 28, 2007.

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