Glitchy Zelda, Awesome Work, Late Night Escapades…

Hello all you viewers of this blog. Wow…if that didn’t sound stupid, I don’t know what wouldn’t. It’s Prudz coming your way with yet another dream. This blog is slowly changing into just a dream log but hey, who knows, I might do an actual post sooner or later. I’ve decided to drop the whole “Dream Log ‘#’ ” thing. I figure it would get old quickly, espically when it goes into double digits. So from here on in, they’re gonna have titles that pertain somewhat to what the dream was about. Got it? Good.

Now, I’m going to state this first and foremost: this account that I’m going to relay to you is in small bits and pieces. When I do remember dreams they are usually vivid, but this one kinda broke that mold. So I’ll just tell you what happened and sort of elaborate in my own words I guess…sooo without further delay!

I’m not really sure of a correct chain of events, so I’ll just list them the way I see fit. the dream seems to start off with a bunch of my friends proposing to go for a late night/early morning (around 2:00a.m.) run to the Denny’s in Dickson City. It seems that I do not share their enthusiasm and kinda hide out from going. This disappoints them as I kinda meet up with them after they get out from their umm “breakfast.”

Now for some reason me and my friend Shawn are heading back towards Dickson City. Apparantly we wanted to travel back there. As we get close (around the Office Max if anyone is familiar with that area) it looks as if Shawn is playing some sort of game. He is trying to collect these balloons that are shaped like some sort of character. I don’t remember the exact character, but I do remember making fun of this small half oval on its head. He would collect these balloons and then pop them right after he got if he were trying to exterminate the balloon population. Soon he goes off his seperate way and it’s just me almost in Dickson City (just past the circle drive in and next to the Hundai place…if you know where I’m talking about).

At this point it turns into me playing/being Link from the Legend of Zelda games. I know that I’m clearly playing the Nintendo 64 version and I’m fighting this huge boss…one comparable to one in Playstation 2’s “Shadow of the Colossus.” I just keep getting knocked down and getting pissed off…I look down and notice that I’m playing the game with a Playstation 2 controller even though I’m playing the N64 version of the game. I note that this could be the reason why I feel it to be glitchy.

QUICK CUT: We now cut over to me in some new form of job. What I basically do is just go from one house to another…and secretly look at porn in the people’s home while they are gone. It’s kinda hard to explain really. I would get a call to go in and check out someones home while they went out for the day. Once I got there I would go on my laptop…hook it up to their tv or something and then bring up porn sites and try to hide them when the owners came back home to hear my report. Seems kinda strange because the one job I did, I felt as if I was going to get caught. I had most of the stuff minimized on the computer…with some sort of website up to kinda cover it all up. My laptop is hooked up to their tv and the owner comes home. He hears my report and then begins to fiddle with the tv to try and watch some kinda show. He dosen’t end up finding it…but I was nervous nonetheless.

QUICK CUT: This final cut literally weirded me out. (Side Note: Earlier in my sleep I was awoken by knocking at my door. It was one of our RA’s looking for my roommate. I left a note on my roommates desk and then went back to sleep.) In the dream I was awoken by my roommate as he was fiddeling around his desk. I kinda just grunted and pointed my finger towards the note. He mentioned he had gotten it and it was for him and his girlfriend that they had to fill out some sort of papers.

After this I really am awoken by my roommate and I have that feeling of deja vu…since it just happened in my dream. He noticed I was awake and said “Thanks for the note.” It turned out it was just for him and not his girlfriend and was something about housing. It was still kinda strange in its own way.

And….thats it. There were probably more details, but I can’t really remember them. So.. I can feel the Unisom that I took a little bit ago kick in. I’m off to sleep on this fine Thursday morning…

This is Prudz…over and out~~


~ by prudz on February 2, 2007.

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