Unexpected Field Trips and Run for your Life!

Hey there guys and gals, Prudz here with another dream for you.

This dream starts off with on some sort of a field trip that would be set back in the high school days. We just so happen to be going on some sort of a field trip, you know..the classic ones where you’re piled into the conventional yellow school bus and taken to wherever it is you’re going. We’re stopped at what looks like the Eynon (Pennsylvania) McDonalds and it is a dark wintry night. We must be on our way home from our expedition. The line looks rediciously long inside…and even the drive-thru (even though it was a line of people too looked packed) At this point I cut the line and give my order and say..  “Don’t worry about when you get it done…I’m going for a walk.” I end up going to this house that seems to be close to the McDonalds (right across the street) and meet and stay with the people that live there.

At some point I decide to go back and see if my food is done. I go back to the drive-thru that is now empty. It seems that they had given my food away to someone. The manager comes out and starts apologizing for the mistake. While half heartedly listening to him,  I notice all the people are getting on the bus that is getting ready to pull out. I make a mad dash back to the bus and get on yelling “Don’t pull out yet! I still have to get my stuff from that house over there!” So then after saying that I run back to the house to grab all my stuff. Some people follow me because apparantly they forgot some things while they visited as well…

After that trial, we’re on the bus and it seems that we are heading back to the school. It seems weird though because it seems as if we’re going through Forest City (Pennsylvania) but we’re by the green bridge between Childs and Eynon (PA). The bus driver sees that there is a new ramp thing that would take us right back to the school faster. He decides to take this even though it is clearly not finished. There are machines on this ramp and they take up pretty much the entire “road” if you will. So the bus driver goes past this first machine and it’s pretty obvious that we had cut it close to falling off this tall ramp. We then come up on another machine that is even bigger than the first.

Seeing as I’m sitting right behind the driver I say “Hey buddy, I don’t think you’d want to try the next…” With that he ignores what I’m saying and tries to go around the machine. Needless to say we start going into a nose dive towards the ground. (I must say that I’ve never felt so scared over the fact that I was probably gonna die) We hit the ground and somehow most of the people are ok. Instinctivly I get on my cell phone and call 911. I remember feeling kinda stupid for doing this as somehow the fire department and ambulance station are like 50 feet away. I run back to the bus and find that one of the kids in it (Smeds) is hurt. I begin to tell him things will be ok as the paramedics take him away.

QUICK CUT: It then cuts to this scene where me and my buddy Sameer are waiting on this river boat bus…for some kinda person to show up. He  finally shows up on a surf board and is annoying as all hell. We decide that we don’t want him around us anymore so we tempt him to go into the water (the middle section of the bus thingy) and as soon as he did we put something electrical in it. We’re certain that he’s dead and kinda laugh over it and go on our merry little way.

It then turns out while we stop at this house we’ve been staying at  that it was his house and he’s back from the dead as this scary ass monster thing to kill us. So then Sameer and I are just trying to fumble our way around this unfamiliar dark house to try and escape. I then remember us finally getting out of the actual house and are around the side where there are like those basement steps that lead from the basement to the outside. We hear the monster coming so we decide to go down back into the basement to fake the monster out…I know not the smartest thing…but it worked. We note some of the objects in the basement and then go back outside where it once again looks as if we’re out that same Mcdonalds in Eynon. There happen to be two fast cars in the parking lot just conviently placed there so we can use them as our getaway cars.

I run to what I believe is a Jaguar (I think thats what I called it in the dream) and proceed to get in. Sameer yells “Dude thats a Manual shifting car…can you drive one of those?” I respond to him by saying “I don’t care…I can learn..this car is sweet!” I makeshiftly (is that a word?) learn how to drive and we drive away as fast as we can… safe from the monster and having sweet ass cars.

And thats where this dream cuts out….I must say that I went on a real emotional trip through this one…feeling loss, and for the most part..fear and abandonment. So with that…this is Prudz…over and out!


~ by prudz on February 6, 2007.

One Response to “Unexpected Field Trips and Run for your Life!”

  1. dude, do you know how to drive manual?! I helped you kill a guy, we’re in this shit together now.

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