Strange Walmart runs and Passionate Mixups

Allrighty, so I’ve taken a like….ten minute break. So I can write this next blog of another dream. The one I did like 20 minutes ago was from over the weekend…this one that I’m about to relay was the one that I had last night.

Alright this dream involves me catching a ride to the local Bloomsburg Walmart with my friend Jen. I’m not even exactly sure what we needed to go there for, but I do know that we most certainly went. It was nighttime and was rainy and it was cold…gotta love the 24 hour Walmarts. I remember going into the Walmart and it was friggin packed inside. Not your normal business at like 2 in the morning, I mean this place was hoppin’.

Now this Walmart did not look anything like it does in real life. My mind made it into this big open Sams Club type of place that was giving out free samples and whatnot. (Gotta love free samples!) Jen was trying to find this one type of orange juice. So we went and tried to scour the dairy section to see if they had this one juice. We look around and couldn’t find it anywhere…I told her to ask a clerk and that I’d continue the search elsewhere.

During my travels through the store, I ran into one of my friends…well call her “Kristi.” Now I haden’t seen Kristi in what seemed like ages. So we get to talking and we even start walking around the store holding hands. It seemed as if things were going to get passionate sooner or later. ;-P Just then, a mob of people came through and Kristi and myself had gotten seperated. Much to my dismay I ran all over the store looking for either her or Jen. I finally ran up to the front where I found Jen getting done with her order at the checkouts.

Just then my phone vibrates indicating that I had a voicemail. For some reason I thought that I had to use someone elses phone…that mine wouldn’t work. Jen then turns to me and says “You know…Kristi…she likes you. If you didn’t lose her, she just might have wanted to go out with you. At this news I am frantic…so I’m practically forcing poor Jen out of the store and into the rainy night to try and find her car. It seems like it’s a race against time for some reason, and all I was trying to do was get to Jen’s phone in her car. Finally…we reach the car and I’m like jumping up and down anxious to get into the car. I look up to the sky to watch the rain and my breath. My cell phone vibrates again indicating that I had received another voicemail. We get into the car and start driving away from the Walmart. We are driving down what seems to be this old country dirt road with farms all around…not at all what the area around the Bloomsburg Walmart looks like.

It then dawns on me that I didn’t need to use Jen’s phone to check my voicemail…and feeling like an idiot, I pull out my phone to listen to the voicemails. Anxiously and nerviously I press in my password and listen to the operator. “You messages….first message, Friday 3:18 a.m.”  It was none other than Kristi. “I can’t believe that you would do something like that, not only was it rude but….”

Annnd cut…. yup…that’s where the dream had stopped. I woke up. I can honestly say that in a way I’m glad I woke up because I’d probably be sad and heartbroken in the dream if it went on. Kinda neat though…in it’s own way…

Anyway..I’m out~~~


~ by prudz on February 7, 2007.

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