Valentines Day and Its Events

Hey all you blog readers out there in the vast world wide web. It’s Prudz coming back at you with what I’m gonna call a poor excuse for a blog entry. This is going to mix a small detail from a dream so I can recall it for later purposes and what’s been happening around this Valentine’s Day for me.

Ok, I first wanna start off by writing down a little detail that I can remember from a dream I had the other night. It’s not much, but it will help me with my dream log of sorts…or at least that’s what I think anyway. Sooooo, the snippit of the dream takes place in Bloomsburg University’s Java City underneath our dining hall. All I can remember is being with my friend Amanda and that I needed to buy a single rose that they had out for sale. I remember picking one up and walking towards the door with it. I also remember checking the bottom “bulb” part of the rose and commenting that it looked fake, like it belonged on some sort of a keychain.

Yup…that’s it for the dream part. Now we move onto the subject of Valentine’s Day. In a way that day was both good and bad. It was good on the account of there being a snowstorm that caused us to have cancelled classes. It was bad due to the fact that once again it reminded me that I was alone and without a girlfriend to celebrate this holiday with. Sometimes I guess I just feel left out and I’m just wanting some love…or something like that.

But not all is depressing. I was able to pick up my tickets to the Breaking Benjamin concert that is being held at my school next month. I’m glad I went and got tickets as soon as I could because in that one day, they sold out.

Ok…I just wanted to update you guys on some happenings in my life and put this small clip of a dream in here. I’m off to take a nap before work…

Prudz over and out!~~


~ by prudz on February 17, 2007.

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