God I Love Drunken Phone Calls

Hey there readers! This is prudz coming at you with an abruptly decided blog post. It was about 10 minutes ago when while watching tv I heard my cell phone vibrating inside of the desk it was in. I shot up and just answered the phone. This is the phone call that I was getting…

“Patrick! Patrick! I’m drunk.”
(at this point I know it’s my friend Shannon)
::Laughing:: “Are you now?”
“Yes, yes Patrick, I’m drunk. Oh my God, I didn’t wake you up did I?”
“No, no…I’m up. Where are you at?”
“I’m at Sheetz…well not in Sheetz, just out in the car.”
“Sheetz is a great place to be…”
“Yeah! Sheetz is the place for food….What are you doing?”
“Nothing really just watching a little tv.”
“Thats good how is Bloomsburg treating you?”
“Can’t complain…how’s your work going along?”
“Well I don’t work at Weis..”
“Yes this I know…I meant teaching…”
“Ohhh! Well I’m only a substitute so…”
“Well that’s good…gotta get your foot in the door.”
“That’s right! That’s right…Hey! Patrick, Patrick..guess what!”
“I’m drunk, I’m drunk oh by the way this is Shannon and I’m drunk, are you drunk?”
“Not as drunk as you are.”
“Not as drunk.. ::laughs:: as I am..”
“God I’m gonna have to go out drinking with you one time.”
“You should! When is the..the time you turn 21?”
“Not until next year.”
“Wait next year, in 2008?”
“What is the exact date?”
“Feburary 7th.”
“So on Feburary 7th 2008, you’ll be 21, and will come back to Carbondale?”
“You got it.”
“I can’t wait! I’m gonna count down the days!’
“Me too.”
::Laughing:: Patrick, Patrick…I think I’m gonna let you go…but you tell yourself that I said goodnight.”
::Laughing:: “Wait, wait, tell myself, are you gonna tell me goodnight?”
“Well yeah, yeah, I’m gonna say it…but you tell yourself.”
“Ah, ok will do.”
::Laughs:: “Will do, ok I’ll talk to you on Feburary 7th, 2008”
::Laughing:: “Wait, you’re not gonna talk to me before then…not gonna talk to me for almost a year?”
“No! No! I will! Patrick, Patrick…but on that date you’ll be 21 and then we can go out and have some fun!”
“Ok, that sounds good.”
“Alright, you have fun with the rest of your night.”
“Alright, alright I will, you have fun down in Bloom…Bloomsburg.”
“Ok, I will…goodnight.”
“Goodnight Patrick.”

And with that convorsation, my night was made. I love it when drunk people call and I can mess around with what they’re saying ;-p I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that, so I’m justified. Alright…just wanted to share that amusing convorsation with you. For now, this is Prudz….over and out!


~ by prudz on February 19, 2007.

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