Playing with Kids and Baking some Bread..

Alright there ladies and gentlemen, Prudz is back with another dream. I can’t really even give you a specific location as to where this dream took place.

Well…this dream was kinda a blur for the most part. First off I remember being in a setting that was kinda like around the outside of my home…but I knew it wasn’t my home. It seemed like it was some kinda daycare/kindergarten type of place. I just happened to be there to help out and play with the little ones. I’m not the only one volunteering to help out, there are other people around my age that are also there to help and play with the kiddies. At one point we decide that a person and a kid will pair up and have a bread baking competition….I swear to god….bread baking.

(Yeah, try that out next time you’re with a group of kids. Mention a bread baking competition and see how they react….I’m sure their faces would have the “what the fuck?” expression on them.)  Anyway, it’s not really apparantly who my team comprises of…but I do know that I want to win. I think I showed up late and didn’t have a partner, but I wanted to bake bread anyway. Their bread was mostly almost finished so I needed to come up with a way to cheat. My only logical reasoning was to go to the local supermarket and bake some bread in their more powerful ovens.

I could tell that this store was probably a Weis, because I went in there with the “I’m better than you and can use the equipment when I want cause I work here” attitude. And I did just that, I went to the back in the bakery and started mixing up the ingredients for the bread. I put it in the oven and went for a walk around the store. While walking around the store I run into one of my co-workers that is pretty good looking. It’s all about the flirting now. I go up to her and we’re talking and I’m making her laugh…and she’s about to get going when I convince her to help me with my bread that’s in the oven. She agrees and walks back into the bakery. At that point I am pumped and say “Yay! Alisha, you’re the best!” while I go and hug her.

Well….that’s all I can remember.  I must say…a pretty lame…yet strangely fun dream. Just remember….next time you need something to do with kids….have a bread baking competition that you’re not really going to take a part in anyway!

Prudz. Out.


~ by prudz on February 20, 2007.

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