Traffic Jam that turns into a Bomb Scare

Alright there, as you can tell by the strange title of the blog entry…this happens to be another dream. I decided to write it as soon as I could so the details can be remembered as best as they can…sooo here we go!

Ok, first and foremost the dream starts off with me being in some kind of a traffic jam. It appears to be on what I would say some part of Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, close to the Dunmore exit. Traffic is moving at a crawl and I can remember putting my ipod on so I’m not terribly bored. The song that comes on is Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As soon as that song came on, the traffic in the lane that we were in only began to freely move as if there were no jam at all. I can remember passing some sort of tractor trailer that had an old school picture of Hulk Hogan on it…like with the yellow and red clothes that he’s ripping. I remember laughing at it in the dream and imitating him with “Wat’cha gonna dooo bruther!”

We get off of our exit which I must say…the exit ramp was a pure beauty of nature. It was forrest all around us with huge trees and plants all around. We start going through this town. I have no idea where that town may be in real life…if it even exists…all I knew is that I had no idea where we were going, but it was apparent that my dad (the person driving) did. That town scene was a blur, but then we came into a town that looked almost identical to Carbondale (PA). It was another one of those times where you know that it’s not Carbondale…even though it looks like it. I could tell it wasn’t because of just tiny differences in building structure and setup.

I turn to my dad and say that we needed to stop at the PNC bank so I could use the “MAC Machine.” Without any questions, he pulls the car into the parking lot and pulls off to the side while I get my card out. I have the card in my hand and I’m holding it out to him. He responds with “What card do you need to get money with?” (At this time another car is pulling into the bank and goes straight for the ATM machine at a high speed.) I look at him with an “Here’s you sign” look and hold out the card again.

We then cut to a scene where me and my buddy Sameer are in some sort of house, unknown to me. We are sitting in like an upstairs living room type of room and Sameer pops in this strange porno type of thing. I can remember that it was a pretty strange video. They would get this girl to come to this Island Getaway as like a lure…then when she got there they would take her by suprize. They would tie her up naked and then have her go like…I don’t wanna say hang-gliding…but tied up and in the air like some sort of kite.

Once again the scene cuts and it appears that I’m waiting in the passenger seat of my own car at what looks to be Bloomsburg University. I’m sitting there minding my own business and this kid comes up and asks a question. “Do you know what happened to the spot where we could grow crops?” I kinda gave him a sigh and get up out of the car and up the steps to the upper ground that he’s on. I walk over and say, “Over here,” and point to a spot. Having thought I gave him a sufficient answer I went back to my car to read or whatever I was doing.

He comes back again and it like “I’m sorry to bug you, but do you know where I have to dig to get my stuff?” This time I’m a bit ticked off, but I end up going to get him off my back. The sight is a strange one…the area where the “crops grew” was mostly covered in a lose blacktop type of material. It seemed that they were going to dig it up soon as a digger machine was there too…but with it’s “arm” buried in the blacktop too. I point to where it should be and say “If you try digging there you might find your crops.”

He starts digging and sure enough, finds his crops…to which I am interested in now. I can remember he has pumpkins growing there. Then this girl and a guy walk up to us and start talking. The guy is talking about saving this area so we can properly grow crops. The three of us, thinking it’s good sign his little petition. Upon all of us signing it (which was on his cell phone) informs us that we were doing illegal activity and that he’s gonna report us. He starts walking away trying to find cell phone signal so he could send his evidence of our signing.

Not wanting to go to jail anytime soon…I run after him and jump on his back and eventually get his cell phone. It turns into something like the N64 Star Fox where we’re all running around (I can see the map of where my allies are on the little side map so I can pass off the cell phone). I pass it to the girl there and she sucessfully deletes the evidence. But then sirens go off…indicating that a Bomb Scare was in effect. We ran into what looked like the Rec Center and went underground with a bunch of other people.

We actually get to talking to the evil guy that tried to turn us in, and we actually become friends. We are signaled that the scare was off so we could leave. Out group is led by the “shaperoned” Kevin Rude. We get to the surface and wait for his signal that we can go back to wherever we were. He gives us this hand wave and then we all disperse.

And that’s where the dream ends. I really want to think that I was partaking in lucid dreaming because it seemed that I knew I was sleeping for the most part and was kinda controlling the events of the dream. This has been the most vivid dream that I’ve had in a while in the atmosphere and details of the dream. All in all it was a pretty awesome dream.

But I’m gonna head out…this is Prudz signing off~~~


~ by prudz on February 20, 2007.

One Response to “Traffic Jam that turns into a Bomb Scare”

  1. wow Pat, and I thought I had weird dreams! I must admit laughing about the spot where “we grow our crops and where to dig”. Hilarious.

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