Catching a Firefly, Solving a Murder, and going Back to the Future

Alrighty there folks, this is another dream that is going to be coming your way! For some reason this dream was filled with Hollywood movies/shows in it. So, without wasting any more time.

This dream starts off with me flying with the crew of the television show Firefly. We were stopped on some kind of planet getting supplies. I can remember going to the bathroom in this futuristic looking building. It suprized me to see that it was a unisex bathroom, one for both guys and girls. Being weirded out I walked over to one of the “stalls” if you wanted to call it that. You sat down on the toilet and assembled the curtain that would eventually go around you…kinda like a shower curtain to give yourself privacy. After I am done with my business I make my way back to the ship to find that there had been a violent outbreak and that most of my crew members were dead. Only three had remained alive: Mal, Kaylee, and Wash. We cut our losses and get onto the ship to escape before the rest of us got killed.

We land on another planet where I tell a visually disturbed Kaylee that I would find who was responsible for their deaths. I then get off the ship and the dream then turns into a CSI type of dream. I am going and looking around different buildings and rooms. I then come upon this room where two men are talking. I’m hiding out behind some crates and pop a look over to where the men are now arguing. One of them is Hannibal Lector, the killer and the other was someone who knew this and was going to kill him. I see the man fire the shot and kill Hannibal. He then drags the body away. My group of investigators come in to look around the scene. One of them happens to be Robert Downey Jr. (his character from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) I take him off to the side where I tell him I witness the murder and know where the casing is.

This seems to upset him and we run back to where the room where the two other investigators are shooting off rounds from their guns to fill the room up with casings. They eventually run away since they were accomplices that were still angry Hannibal had been killed. A female investigator comes in and helps us look for the casing. She is the one that ultimately finds it and also some change the Hannibal accomplices dropped while they were running out.

The dream then cuts to me running to this small vent like area and the investigators following me with me saying “I know where the body is, I know where it is. I just have to find Doc, I need to find Doc Brown.” I then make it to the small vent and work my way in. Inside it it pitch black and I use the small light I have on keychain to dimly light up the area. It looks like this dug out cave type of thing where right to the side of me was Hannibal’s body…in this plastic tupperware type of coffin. I slide him out because he’s creepy to me. I then look around the cave some more and I see the Delorian and a few other cars parked and kind of rusting away.

I then hear a scream. I look over and see Hannibal coming up from his “coffin” in an attempt to kill my female investigator. Robert Downey Jr.’s character steps in and shoots Hannibal in the head…causing it to explode. At that time Doc Brown comes running towards the vent yelling “Pat! Pat! Are you in there?” To which I respond, “Yeah Doc, just open up this area so we can get back to the future.”

While he’s working on that, I go over to the Doc’s small office area in this big cave thing. Inside I see a small little workshop that is decked out with computers, a small couch, a wide screen tv, video games, and a radio. I turn on the tv and there is a football game on, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks are playing, and the Eagles are getting killed…which brings a smile to my face. Doc and the others finally get through and the case is solved. That is when I wake up.

I’m not really sure why there were so many movie/tv references in my dream…but it sure made it interesting and weird. Well…until next time.



~ by prudz on March 2, 2007.

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