Attention K-Mart Shoppers and Are You Hungry?

Hey there everybody! It’s Prudz coming back like a zombie comes back from the dead! Hah, no seriously…it’s been like exactly a month since I posted anything…mostly because I’ve gotten too lazy to type or nothing extremely exciting….nahh I was just too lazy. I’m going for a two entry blog setup…this first setup will be a continuance of my dream logging sessions, after that the second entry will be of recent happenings and adventures. So, without any further delay, I begin my dream.

This dream starts out (from where I remember) with me working in some sort of K-Mart looking type of place. This generally semi kind of shocked me (Like my mind felt shocked as if I were observing the dream as it was playing in my head) since I work at my local hell hole known as Weis Markets. It seemed as though that the store was in the process of closing for the night and we were trying to get the last of the customers out so we could go home for the night. At this point I can remember two of my co-workers (in real life) are now working with me at K-Mart.

These two workers are Kaylee and Heather. I’m on register but get Kaylee to come over and I complain that I have to take care of something over in the electronics department. So she takes me off of register and I go back to the electronics department to help a customer. The customer needs to purchase two things seperately. I ring them both up on different terminals and the customer finds he dosen’t have cash on him and has to run to his car to get his debit card. I say this is no problem and suspend the orders while he goes outside. He eventually comes back and I try to pull up the orders, but to my dismay find that they have already been pulled up and have been voided.

Now, normally I would just scan the items in again…and no big deal. For some reason that process didn’t seem to…well…process in my head. So I go up to the front and ask who voided out my orders. It seems that Heather did and didn’t seem to sorry for doing it. A line has accumulated and poor Kaylee is backed up. I go back to the electronics department and see that the customer is gone….so I just hide until the line dies down and I eventually go home.

Home in my dream is some sort of Duplex Apartment. I can remember it being really rainy and lightning and thunder were around. I go to the upstairs part of the Duplex and find a friend of mine is sitting up there..preparing some sort of hotdogs. My dad is downstairs preparing food on the grill…and for some reason I knew he would flip out if he knew one of two things.. 1) Someone was over  or 2) I was eating something else that what he was cooking. I remember looking out the window and seeing the rainy town of Bloomsburg. My friend calls over saying the hotdogs were I grab one and load it up with Ketchup. I then proceed to try and eat my “dinner” when my dad calls up and says that the food he cooked is done.

I start to fear he will try to come up and I didn’t want him finding out what I was doing…(even though it wasn’t like I was shooting up heroin or anything) so I take another bite of hotdog and yell “Coming!!”  I go down and cut him off and we settle down to eat what looks to be one bitching cheeseburger and macaroni and cheese. He then proceeds to tell me that “some weird girl” in K-Mart, was trying to sell him anime DVDs. (For some reason in my actual thinking mind a picture of my real life coworker Taylor at Weis pops into my head.) I remember then getting up to put my Mac & Cheese in the microwave…but then I wake up due to a phone call….

Kinda cool dream since I’ve had trouble lately remembering them…but for now this is Prudz…over and out!


~ by prudz on April 3, 2007.

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