What’s Going on in My Life and Strangeness

Alright everyone..I guess it’s time to give you a little update to what I’ve been doing in the past month since I’ve stopped blogging for a little bit. Well first and foremost I now have an incredible girlfriend who’s name is Samie. We met though my job at Weis (I guess not everything associated with that place is bad 🙂  )  I must say it was a weird way that we even got really interested in each other. Like I said we have worked at Weis before, so I mean it’s not like she just got hired or anything. One day she adds me as a friend on myspace and eventually we swap AIM screennames.

A few days after that we get to talking on AIM during a big snowstorm that hit. I mean this snowstorm was the kind you did NOT wanna get stuck in…so we both were pretty much housebound. So we talked pretty much the whole day and hit it off really well. I found myself not wanting to see her sign off and thats when I knew that something was up.   …Needless to say a few days later we both confessed that we kinda liked each other and we decided to date…which eventually led to us being boyfriend/girlfriend…life is sweet.

Other than that everything else seems dull…I’ve gone down to Philly over spring break to see Breaking Benjamin, 3 Days Grace, and Nickelback…and then a week later I saw Breaking Benjamin here at good ol’ Bloomsburg.

I do have a funny story though… last night myself, Samie, and my friend Jared decided we wanted to go to McDonalds to get some food later at night. Now Jared has been craving a “Royale wit Cheese” a.k.a. Quarter Pounder with Cheese ever since he’s seen Pulp Fiction. I guess Sam Jackson has that effect on people. Anyway…we decide to head down…by walking…and get there before they’re lobby closes at 11pm. By the time we did get there however, it was three minutes before they were going to close the lobby down.

The doors were locked…so we did what came naturally…knocked on the drive through window. The one worker offered to let us in, but when we went around another associate, not the manager, wouldn’t let us in. He said we needed to go through the drive through, which was open until midnight, in a car. Now this proved to be almost impossible at that point because we had left Samie’s car at the University..which was quite a walk uphill to go back and get it.

Now after arguing that the other person had said we could come in, no ground had been made. Royally pissed…we didn’t really know what to do…all we wanted were our “Royale’s wit Cheese!” I then had an idea. I called over to Weis and asked if one of the workers there could come over and take us through the drive through. Fortunately she agreed and we ordered our food. Jared ordered his “Royale wit Cheese” and after he says how he wants it..the worker was just like “Wait, what did you want?” to which he disappointedly had to reply “Quarter Pounder with Cheese.”

I just found it kind of rude to refuse service to customers that didn’t have means to use the drive through. Customer Service dosen’t really matter I suppose when you want to close the lobby…even if you are still there until MIDNIGHT. Bastards… ba da da da daaaa I’m hating it!


~ by prudz on April 3, 2007.

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