Shopping Excursion and Hotel Madness Pt. 1

Hey there everybody, it’s your one and only favorite, Prudz back here to share another dream with you. I must say that it wasn’t the most exciting dream I’ve ever had or anything…but it wasn’t bad to say the least. I’m splitting this up into two blog sections due to the fact that I don’t want this post to get insanely long…a break in between would be a nice change of things…don’t you agree. Anyway, here we go.

This dream takes place in some sort of super mall that vaguely resembles what appears to be the surroundings to the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City. I can remember just kind of jogging through the main mall part and it was apparent that I was looking for someone…like someone that I had come to the mall with, but got separated with them while we were there. I am on the lower level of the mall..seeing as there were two floors of stores. I can tell that the direction that I’m going is getting closer to an arcade type of place because I see these air hockey tables around the main “stretch” outside the stores.

One of these tables are empty and I randomly pick up one of the uhh paddle thing (you know the actual thing you use to hit the little hockey puck). I just start walking towards the arcade, watching the other people play on the other air hockey tables. I’m looking around in awe as if the concept of air hockey is a new one to me. On my right I pass this one bigger (fat) kid trying to play air hockey with himself. I mean it wasn’t going to well..but kinda funny to see this fat kid trying to stretch himself over the table and hit the puck. Anyway…he looks over at me and says “Do you wanna play air hockey with me?” I seem kinda disgusted that he would ask me and I just replied, “Uhh…no thanks.”

He then goes and states…”Well, if you didn’t want to play, why are you holding that “paddle” to play with?” At this point I have no response…and just run away from him…figuring that he wouldn’t give chase because of his size. I turned out to be right, in the fact that he didn’t give chase. My running had taken me into the actual arcade to which I was really paranoid. I go towards the back of the arcade and then the manager of the little arcade comes up and begins to take like…a roll call…to which I wanted to have no part of. I turn and look on an arcade machine and see that a twenty dollar bill is laying on it. I figure it belongs to the kid that is playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) next to me…but I grab the twenty bucks and run out before anyone can notice.

Then for some reason I find myself outside…trying to get to the hallmark that is across the way in the mall (so the quickest route is going outside and cutting through a parking lot). Once I get outside to try and get to the other side, it feels as if I’m trying to run while my body is underwater in a swimming pool. I’m not really going that fast and it feels as if I’m being pulled back and weighed down…like by a separate gravitational pull.

I then decide that I’m really getting nowhere and decide to turn back and go the way I came in (which was through an old, replaced JC Penny’s) I can tell that it was old due to the fact that the sign on the door handle said “Old JC Penny’s.” Once I got inside though, the store had transformed into a hallmark type of place. I then decided I needed to get some sort of stuffed animal for my girlfriend.

With that said, I walk over to their case of Beanie Babies™ are held and find only two options. One was a weird looking frog and the other was a teddy bear type of thing. For the longest time I was looking at the frog because it was so weird (the hands and feet were elongated to kinda look like tentacles, and these tentacles had the feature to retract into its own mouth) and because it was cheaper. I ultimately decided not to go for the frog just because it was too weird and opted for the bear.

To be continued….


~ by prudz on April 4, 2007.

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