Shopping Excursion and Hotel Madness Pt. 2

Hey there, this is the continuation of my last post. I decided to break it up because it was kinda getting a bit on the lenghty side…so I wanted to give you…the reader a small break. Now it might not be as long as the other due to the place where I cut it off…but here is the ending nonetheless.

After I decide to get the bear I find myself out in the parking lot, going to my car to head back to where I live. (The oppressive gravity isn’t striking me down at this point in time) I then find my car (in which the parking lot changes from something that looks like the parking lot for the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City, to a parking lot like you would see by some kinda Ma and Pa country store)

Home in this dream seems to be like a dorm/hotel type of place. I am living with my friend Joe P. and when we get there it seems like we have some visitors. Joe’s girlfriend Kirsten and her friend Katie have stopped by for a little visit. This is due to the fact that Joe is putting on some sort of concert/show type of thing in which he’ll be playing his Baritone and Drums.

I remember being alone in our room with Katie as she is explaining this vacation that her and Kristin are going on and they want us (Joe and myself) to join. They plan on going to Hawaii, which kinda dulls my spirits because I know that I wouldn’t probably be able to go due to me being not really financially well off. We meet up with Kristin and get into the elevator to go to the first floor and tell Joe of their vacation plans.

The elevator seems to short out while we are in it and it is going out of control. (By this I mean it’s not stopping at any floors and it’s just going up and down in no particular order.) My fear is that the elevator will eventually crash either at the top of the building or the bottom part. So I devise the plan of hitting the emergency stop button and trying to get off at whatever floor it stops on. I hit the big red stop button and it pretty much only slows down to a crawl..not a complete stop.

I see this as my chance to get out of there, so I force open the doors and try to crawl out since it is in between floors. While I’m halfway out, the doors start to close and the top of the door framework is coming down threathening to crush my leg. It’s a race against time and I could really feel myself being nervous and anxious in the dream. Fortunately for me, I was able to get my legs free. What this meant however, is that Kristen and Katie were stuck in that elevator.

I knew I had to run and get help from Joe. I run down a flight of stairs to the main floor and I can remember running by the elevator doors where people were waiting for it and I thought to myself “Good Luck waiting for that to come.” I run past this elegant ballroom auditorium type of place where the show seems to be starting soon. I’m in the process of trying to find Joe when my alarm goes off and I wake up.

Haha, I know, a sucky place to stop because now you’re like “Well wait! What happens now? Will you find Joe in time? Will Katie and Kristen get out of the elevator!!??”  I know, I know, don’t blame me…but if you so feel the need, tell me how you would finish this story.

Until next time…~Prudz


~ by prudz on April 4, 2007.

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