Being Clint, Weis Weirdness, and Random Tidbits

Hey there everybody! It’s Prudz coming at you with another dream sequence. Now, I want to say that I think I might have actually had a great deal of participation in the ordering of my dream last night. In other words I think I had the experiance of lucid dreaming. I can remember waking up quite a few times throughout the dream and while I did I would think of really random stuff…and once I went back to sleep I would be dreaming about the stuff I had just thought about. Well anyway…on with the dream.

Alrighty…for some reason the beginning of the dream starts off with Elmo (the sesame street character) sitting on this short brick wall. He’s singing a song and then along comes Cookie Monster. Once Cookie Monster comes in, Elmo gets mad because Cookie is barging in on his air time. They proceed to get into a “fist” fight and Cookie Monster knocks the crap out of Elmo. (This is where I wake up for the first time)

When I do wake up I see the title screen for a Clint Eastwood movie on my computer since I had fallen asleep to it. So I close out the window and go back to sleep. The dream starts back up with me being Clint Eastwood. I can remember me saying to myself (in my head, thinking, not in the actual dream) “It would be awesome if I were Clint Eastwood.” So Poof! There I was, dressed up in the garb he wore in the “Man Without a Name” Trilogy. Of course, I wasn’t in a western setting, I just thought I was Clint making some sort of public appearance dressed like one of his characters.

I know that I’m in some sort of hotel/office building with my agent. We need to sign in at the ground floor…so I sign my name “Clint Eastwood” and people are starstruck when they figure out who I am. But I get on the elevator and take it up. The elevator opens on some sort of office level of the hotel. I mean there are cubicals around and people are just going about their jobs. My agent goes out and says “I need to speak with the owner of this building, you can take a walk around.” He walks off and around the corner to find the boss. So I take a stroll out of the elevator, taking this slow walk as if I’m badass cause I’m Clint Eastwood. Everyone is looking at me like they don’t wanna mess with me and it feels awesome. (This is where I woke up for the second time.)

At this point when I’m “awake” I think if I have any messages or IM’s from anyone. I check and see none and fall back asleep again. This part is a little bit blurry and not really clear in my mind. I remember that I’m with Samie for the most part in my dorm room and for some reason I go out into the hall. Out there I see that my friend Kim from down the hall looks really down and depressed. I go over and put my arm around her shoulders and ask her what was wrong. She just shook her head as to say nothing…but it was obvious that something was. At that point my door beings to open and I quickly take my arm off from around Kim’s shoulders because I don’t want Samie to think I’m doing anything with Kim. (this is when I wake up for the third time.)

At this time when I wake up I check the clock because I need to know how much longer I have until I need to be in to work at Weis. I see that I still have a bit of time left so I go back to sleep. When I go back into the dream I am now walking into my hometown Weis Markets about to go and start a shift at work. (I’m currently in a Weis that kinda looks similar to the Carbondale Weis, but everything is flipped around like it is a mirror image of itself on the inside) I start off looking around for someone to tell me what register I’m on. Two other workers I work with at the Bloomsburg store, Samie and Lisa, are also looking for a monitor to tell them where to go.

For some reason I walk over to the courtesy desk (which is on the left side, but it is usually on the right side of the store)  because there is a line. I notice that Ken (my old manager) is behind the desk, counting and rearranging cigarettes. He turns and says “Hey, how’s it goin Pat?” I say “Nothing, I guess I’m over here since noone is here.”  Just then my dad comes out of nowhere and says, “No, you’re not there..I’ll watch it while someone else gets here. You are going on a register.”

So I walk out from behind the desk and then while I’m still looking through the store for a monitor to tell me what I’m supposted to be doing, I wake up (once and for all).

Well, I’m not really sure if this can count as a legitimate Lucid Dreaming experience…but it sure seemed like it. Well…that takes care of this dream log session. Prudz~


~ by prudz on April 11, 2007.

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