Can’t Beat Free Right?

Hey, Howdy, Hey there everybody! Prudz here coming back at you with another blog entry. This entry is going to sum up a small little roadtrip/adventure I took part in yesterday to Lehigh University. So let’s take it from the top…shall we?

Ok, the event that was in question was an event called “Sundaze” at Lehigh University. It was brought to my attention by my friend Jared. Usually I don’t really take interest in many other college’s events unless it’s really kickass in my view. Anyway, my friend explains that Lehigh University is putting on a free outdoor concert featuring a few bands. He explains that one band in particular (The Hush Sound) would be playing at the concert, and that he’d like to go see them…and a few other artists that are slated to show up and play.

At first I was a little hesitant in agreeing to go because…well frankly…I had never really heard of ANY of the bands that were to be playing…and by hearing sound clips of some of the bands, I knew it wasn’t my “type” of music. Overall I agreed to go to the concert because hey…it was free… my friend seemed pumped since it was his first concert. Our little adventure team consisted of Jared, my girlfriend Samie, and myself.

Ok, cue to yesterday at 9:30 in the morning. We all pack up in my car and head off to Lehigh University. (A college that I’ve never been to in my entire life…so it’s safe to say, one wrong turn and I’m fucked.) The ride down was smooth and we didn’t really hit any problems.¬† The only problem we had was once we were at the University itself. Their campus isn’t clearly marked for where the designated parking we parked in the wrong spot twice before we found our way to the right parking lot and the main event area.

Now we are officially at the concert. I don’t wanna say “I took one for the team,” but I guess I could say that I went into the show a little blind since I don’t listen to those bands. I found myself making up my own lyrics to some of the songs I heard. For example during a song by Girls like Boys, a sample of the lyrics were as followed: “Scooooby Doooooby Doo…and Scrappy too! Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, Batman and Robin too!” Heh, see I can be creative!

Anyway, the erm…headlining band for the day was a band called “Hellogoodbye.” I’ve personally haven’t heard them until pretty much that day. I’m not gonna say they’re bad or anything, but I wasn’t really a fan. Jared and Samie are both fans of this band and had the experiance they won’t forget. They got to stand right up next to the stage while Hellogoodbye played (while I layed in the grass) and afterwards Samie even got her picture taken with the lead singer.

Like I said I can’t complain about the concert overall, I mean it was a free show and it gave me something to do. I’m just glad that both Jared and Samie had a good time, even though Jared’s band “The Hush Sound” didn’t show up, and they didn’t let my erm…indifference for those bands get in the way of them having a good time. Next time I’ll have to take them to Ozzfest :-p That is a free concert this year too O:-)

Best highlights of the day: spending quality time with Samie, and having Pizza Hut for dinner, YUM! Well…until next time…this is Prudz (listening to some hard rockin’ Rage Against the Machine) saying over and out!


~ by prudz on April 23, 2007.

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