Rescue Mission, Work on the Mind, and Movie Going!

Hey there everyone, this is Prudz coming back at you with another fine dream. It’s been a little bit since I posted one, but this is the first one that I can actually remember. Like, others I’ll remember like right after I wake up, I get to doing something else, and then by the time I’m done with that I forget the dream. Well..enough with the little technical details of why I’m not remembering my dreams…let’s just get on with it shall we?

The dream starts off with me being on some sort of search and rescue team. The team was led by noneother than the character Malcom Renyolds from the tv show Firefly. I’m not really sure what it was exactly we were supposted to be searching for, but the area seemed pretty familiar to me. It almost looked like then end of the parking lot that is across from my house in real life. (At the end of that parking lot is this bank that rolls down into a wooded area.) In the dream this bank seems more like a bigger open area ditch that would be hard to get out of if you fell in. Captain Mal had a special device with him that turned off gravity so we could get in and out of the ditch easier.

Now, at this point we are all wearing space suits as if we were doing some sort of mission on the moon. I mean there is breathable air on Earth, but maybe due to the anti-gravity field…the oxygen gets pulled out from the atmosphere or something like that…I dunno. In the ditch I found that most of the items in it were junk that most people had tossed out as trash. I begin to look through the items and find old appliances, shirts, jackets…etc. I remember taking this interest in on old jacket and was going to try it on…when I noticed everyone was leaving/gone from the area. I then proceeded to hop out of the ditch…even though I almost didn’t make it up. Mal had probably just turned the anti-gravity off because I didn’t jump up to the top of the ledge as gracefully as I should have if it were still fully on.

The dream then jumps to a scene of me eating dinner with my family before I had to go into work. While it was being made, I could clearly tell it was Macaroni and Cheese with hamburger in it. When I sat down to eat it however, it was some sort of Chef Boyardee pasta shells with meatballs. My parents harass me for not taking a lot of food from the dish, but I then show them that I indeed had a bit of food on my plate…just that the sauce was covering most of the pasta and meatballs.

I then get dressed and ready for work, and then proceed to get into my car to start driving to good old Weis Markets. It’s nighttime and I’m passing through good old Carbondale. Near an intersection at the Sunoco gas station, the light for opposing traffic turns green, but my light is showing both red and green. I figure since noone is coming from the other directions…it’s safe for me to go. Down the next intersection I see my friends dorm neighbor (his name is Jay-J) and he stops me saying that a certain road is closed due to a special anniversary for a church on that street. I say it’s no big deal and drive off seeing as I wasn’t going that way either. I mumbled some comment to the fact that just because he’s gay that he shouldn’t try to hit on me. I then check my watch and see it’s 6:35 and that I’m going to be super early for work. I then decide that I would go visit my friend Jared in his dorm room.

I go into Elwell Hall and I do something that is unusual for me…I take the stairs instead of the elevator. When I get to his floor I start walking down the wrong wing and realize that I need to backtrack to get to the other wing of the building. I eventually come across this kitchen/lounge type area that normally isn’t there. I can tell that I’m excited because I can tell Jared that our hall actually does have a Kitchen/Lounge area. It seems though this lounge has exit markings for the wing that I need to get to…but there is no actual exits to get to that wing. I then see an elevator in the middle of the lounge and decide to get into it. There is another guy waiting for the elevator and then it arrives and the doors open. The man, as we are getting on, extends his arm back as if he’s trying to block me from getting on.

I eventually do get on and he pushes a button on the elevator button pad. This elevator isn’t your normal numbered button elevator…this elevator has buttons that are similar to the symbols for the Macintosh computer logos and variations on that logo. It was kinda like a computer elevator. We get to what looks like a basement level and he gets off…and makes sure I don’t, like it was some sort of secret level. I then take the elevator back up the what looks like the accounting/business level. Out on the sales floor, I’m trying to navigate my way through the cubicals…to no avail. While navigating the maze, I find some of my old school teachers working as sales reps. They ask me how I’m doing…and I reply that I’m good and move on to finally find the exit.

It’s daytime outside now and I clearly missed work, but I thought I still needed to go. I meet up with a current Weis coworker Taylor, and she asks if I could walk her home. I say sure and we’re on our way. On our way to her house, we pass this man painting his house orange…like the orange that you would see if you were looking at a creamsicle. She says that it was “Good ol’ Rob Lewis.” I found it kinda funny that he was painting…but we kept moving along.

We finally get to her house and Taylor goes around to go in from the back. She then yells and says I can come in through the front door. For some reason it hits me then that I don’t need to be in my Weis clothes since I missed work and we had planned on going to see a movie. I proceed to take off my khaki pants by the minivan in front of their house and head on up through the door.  As soon as I go through I kinda figure it wouldn’t be good to walk into her house with no pants on. I then run back to the minivan, seeing bags of groceries from Giant around the minivan along the way, and start putting my pants back on.

When I have one leg through, she comes out and says, “Yeah, you might wanna keep those on…you might be embarassed if I saw you standing in my house in your purple underwear.” I come back with a quick response saying, “I’m not wearing purple underwear, I’m wearing my Captain Morgan boxer shorts.” After my statement, she goes into details about a underwear/sleeping clothes arrangement her sister Lauren had showed her…and about how comfortable it was. I help her carry the Giant groceries into her house…somehow I’m wearing casual clothes…and we lock the door and drive off to the movies.

After that I wake up to the pain in my throat and find I’m sick…yay…so much for a good dream…well..I hope you found this episode of dream logging to be entertaining! Until next time…this is Prudz…over and out!~~


~ by prudz on April 27, 2007.

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