Nobody Expects the Strangest Transition

Ok, so yes, this title has been ripped off from a Monty Python sketch. What do you expect? It’s my first blog post in a while so I’m allowed to do it. My blog, my rules. Anyway, this post is about a dream I had last night. It was probably the strangest dream I’ve had dealing with real life people and events. Nothing strangesly out of the ordinary happens (I’m not flying around or anything) but you’ll get the picture. Without further delay, here it is.

This dream takes place in a hybrid mix between the towns of Simpson and Bloomsburg. The road that I live on looks like the street I live on, but it is setup like the streets behind Elwell Hall in Bloomsburg. I come out of my “house” and decide that I need to see what my girlfriend’s house looks like on the inside. In the dream she lives next door to me. I go over and see that they are not home, but decide that I need to go in anyway. I go to the back door and find that it is unlocked due to it being an older door.

I take a step inside even though I’m telling myself that it is morally wrong to do so. In the dream, I’m suprized when I see the setup of the inside. It is just like my actual (real life) neighbor’s house. The only difference is slight placements of furniture. I walk into their living room and I’m still amazed at how similar her house and my real neighbor’s house are. Part of me wants to check out the rest of the house, but I know my girlfriend and their family could be back and any moment. Then I hear a knock on their front door so I go shooting out the back door in fear of getting caught. I run around the front to find that it is someone I know from Wei in Bloomsburg. We’ll say her name is Elainea.

She is standing at the front door wearing nothing and just holding a pillow vertically so it is covering up her private parts. She looks at me and says, “I’m ready for my photo shoot.” I kinda look at her strangely, but shrug and say “Okay.” (I’m not gonna pass up a nude photo shoot, it’s only art ; P ) It turns out she forgot something and starts walking back to her house to get it. Me, being a guy, shout out to her “I-I can walk you back if you want!” She keeps walking and replies, “No thanks, I’ll be ok,” and disappears down the street.

I then proceed to go back to the back door of the house only to find that it is locked. It didn’t occur to me that I probably had somehow did it when I ran out. I think that someone has locked me out and I’m kinda shouting at the door as if it were a person keeping me out. After my fit of rage I decide that it would probably be better if I went back home. I was still fearing that my girlfriend would come back to her house to find me awkwardly standing on her back porch. I decide to go back to my “dorm/house.”

Cut to inside my room. I say go back to my “dorm/house” because it’s obviously the place where I reside in the dream but it had mixtures of home home and Bloomsburg home. Like I was waking up from a nap in my futon that I have at home home…but the room looks like my dorm room at my Bloomsburg home. My previous roommate is there and we get to talking when I actually wake up and I’m not groggy. I flip through the channels while we talk…but then I wake up.

I know…a sucky ending with no really story telling. Oh well…beggars can’t be choosers.  Could this dream have been more exciting? Probably. I wouldn’t change it though because it was something new and refreshing that gave me both reminders of both home and Bloomsburg. Anyways…that’s all the time I have for now. Check back sooner or later for another exciting blog from Prudz.

~~Over and Out!


~ by prudz on May 27, 2007.

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