Friend’s Cousin, Returning a DVD, and Upset Friends

Hey there guys and gals…it’s just little ol’ me coming back to you. My life has been a living hell for the past two weeks and honestly I’m not even sure it could get any worse. I’m not gonna expel my problems out to the world…I’ll just post up a dream since I haven’t been around in a while. Hope you find this at least mildly entertaining….whatever…

The dream starts off with me and a bunch of my friends sitting around a campfire on a deck, probably at one of my friend’s house. (I’m gonna say this friend was JT) NOTE: It seemed weird to me that I’d be at a campfire thing while partying on an elevated WOODEN deck.

Jt then turns and says, “Oh, look. Here comes my cousin, I think she’d be a good girlfriend for you Pat.”

I get up and stroll over to the edge of the desk and look down to see her coming. From what I can see (it’s dark and she’s a little bit off into the distance) it looks like she’s a butch girl, all bigger and ugly. At this I just turn to him and give him the “what the fuck?” look on my face.

She finally makes it up to the deck and to my surprise, she’s really beautiful. She had apparently came back from a trip to the Amazon. She was wearing a helmet (that caused her to look ugly from my high perch). She is a skinner (about 120 pounds) tone bodied, taller, blonde. Her whole outfit is like amazon or something Xena Warrior Princess would wear, and her hair was in a single braided pony tail thingy. At this point I really wanted to make a good impression with her since I judged a book by its cover too early.

I suggest we all do something together so I could get to know JT’s cousin better. When we move into the outdoor living room, she is nowhere to be found, leaving me depressed.

The dream then cuts to me in the passenger seat of a car that was being driven by Melissa (a coworker) with an unknown passenger in the back seat. We are making our way up Cannan Street and I have a DVD in my hand that we are trying to return. We pull into what looks like Joe’s street/yard, but from a few years ago. The green houses are still up and don’t look old.

Once we pulled in, we were confronted by five huge spiders that didn’t seem happy to see us. Apparently we had taken the DVD without permission. When we tried to move forward, they would hiss and get more aggressive. They started inching closer, so I tossed the DVD out the window and we high-tailed it out of there. It was as if there were the toys from Sid’s room in Toy Story as they converged onto broken toys. The spiders converged on the Dvd and then went back into hiding.

The dream then cuts again to me at Carbondale High School. It is after school hours and I’m looking for the track team. From what it seems, I already did my practice/workout, so I want to see if I can leave early. I walk to where the “commons” are and see some people stretching. I finally find Mrs. Rude and approach her.

The dream then cuts one more time to me and Ashley (coworker) in a bedroom. It’s clearly not mine (from real life) but it doesn’t look girly to be hers. She is obviously upset and is crying. She then goes onto the bed, curls up into a ball and says, “I’m worthless and ugly!”

I’m shocked to hear this so I go over to her and wrap my arm around her saying “No, you are not worthless and you are very pretty!”

I then wake up from the dream. Strange, yes. Exciting, not really… oh well..hope you enjoyed it. Prudz, over and out!~


~ by prudz on June 28, 2007.

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