Walmart Hangout, Resident Evil and A Hookup

Hey there guys and gals. It’s prudz resurected from the grave it seems with my first blog post back in a few months. I’ll have some more time on my hands now that I’m back in Bloomsburg for college. Anyway, this title doesn’t really refer to anything in real life… no it’s another strapping edition of my dream logs. Without further ado.

This dream has me walking into walmart with a bunch of friends. It seems as if I wasn’t supposted to be in there since I should have been in class. Along the way I meet up with Leeann. She wants to come over and visit with me after we’re done at Wal-Mart. So we’re walking towards the electronics section when I see my brother standing in an aisle. He looks at me and says, “You don’t want to go over there.”

I ignore his warning and proceed to electronics where my mom is there and sees me. She knows I should be in class and is reeming me out for not going. By some whim of a miracle I am transported to what seems like my brothers room (in the dream it is mine) and my friends and I (including Leeann) are just watching tv. All of a sudden Leeann gets off of the bed she was laying on with all of my friends and lays on the floor. Me, trying to make my move,  lay down next to her and go to put my arm around her. She looks over and smiles…and the dream cuts.

It cuts to me being in a video game like Resident Evil 4. I’m escorting this girl around and meet up with Leon from the game. It seems like we’re in some sort of water place, whether it be a ruined city over water or a old water park, I’m not sure. All I know is that I’m carrying around an automatic rifle with a scope so that I can try and snipe this huge water creature that would come to surface every once in a while to try and spit some kind of poisonous muck at us.

Leon takes the girl and I’m left alone along the piers. I run to an enclosed area to see my friend Kasie sitting kinda huddled in fear. She explains that the monster has cornered her there and she can’t get out. I tell her to come with me and we make a run for a tall building across the pier. Once inside I collect myself and set up a plan. It seems as if I have some sort of diversion set up so that it will catch the creature off guard and I can take it out. I pull this string and set off the diversion. Right on cue the monster pops up to try and attack what he thinks is a human, and when he pops out BAMMM I get him right in the head with a rifle round and take him out.

At that moment the dream shifts over to this weird kinda old school Resident Evil feel only where these three girl characters come in as the main characters. I am then put into this role of the lead blonde and start walking around the room in the building I’m in. I open the closet in the room and search everything. There is a deck of cards and I’m shuffling through them to find a strange card. (Labeled T) It’s there where the dream cuts for the last time.

The last part of the dream I don’t really remember. All I can remember is that it’s me and this cute girl that I work with (Lauren) at Weis and we are hooking up.

That is my dream people! I guess it’s alls well that ends well. Maybe sooner or later I’ll give you guys an update on my actual life. haha, until that happens…

Prudz~~ over and out~


~ by prudz on August 27, 2007.

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